Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Book: The Beautiful Tragedy

She was the most angelic, beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes upon. The type of beauty that flows from the inside and cascades out. Her flaws exposed to all who knew her. Yet and still poised and preserved. Such amazing qualities with character constructed by a lifetime of pain, betrayal and deceit. Countless admirable attributes. A soul so forgiving that she was made by the Almighty Highest to be a walking angel. To others, she may have been the least of these. But to me, she was my mother.

 As a child there were many things that I did not know about my mother. Things that I was not suppose to know. As I grew older, the whispers turned to shouts and the tales became truths. The secrets, the lies, the mistakes, the love, the loss, the deceptions, and the infidelities were beginning to be more existent. I found the beauty in her weaknesses. This was my mother who loved me unconditionally. Who made me everything I am and everything I am is what I will give. This is her story told through the pain of her daughter.

January 4th, 2008 was undoubtedly the most devastating day of life. We found out on that day, that the woman who had never been hospitalized and who never took an aspirin for a headache was dying from a rare form of cancer. The devil entered her body as Cholangiocarcinoma. She suffered antagonizing pain for six months with hope and faith rushing through her veins. Standing on a promise that she will overcome her suffering with a limitless admiration that “I will be okay.”

Losing her was the greatest gift. During her last days, she gave me and abundance of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Her lessons could never be taught by any teacher or at any Ivy League University. The permanent thoughts that have been instilled in my heart frequent my mind every day. My tragedy may be my triumph or it may be my failure. This journey may help me or it could hinder me. My path may lead me to a life of forgiveness or it can lead me to a life of resentment. However, it will lead me to a crossroads that could possibly surmount immeasurable contentment or hatred.

My candid emotions are my reality and your fallacy.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lady Complex Slide Show

A Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self

Dear Ashley,

Just because mama put you on birth control doesn't mean you should hand your virginity to that lil' football player. Trust me, boo, he aint going to the league. He is gonna be a production worker at a local plant. Hmpf. And guess what? He's gonna break your heart in about 6 years, when you find him in the bed with another tramp on Christmas Day. With that being said, it might be a great time to get your emotions civilized and stop beating up random trollups over this future manwhore. No more sneaking quickies while mommy and daddy are sleep. Yea it's good, but trust there is better. There is a man that will come into your life and he will be right on time, learning you something new everyday. He may not be in the physical form you expect, but dont look past him. He'll be right in front of your face.

The "Clique" that you say are your friends, uh uh, they aint. Nothing but a group of cotton-mouth followers that will ignore your phone calls once they become "Saved" by the Lawwd and like to forget they ever whored on the local college campuses. You will NEVER forget this. The remaining girls will stay the same even when you think that the odds of your friendship lasting are slim-to-none.

Stop tryna look cute at school. Everyone knows you exude style and will for the rest of your glorious and cuntabulous life. Step your grades up.If you apply yourself a little more you can achieve better. Enjoy the freedom of not having any bills. You are going to long for this once you're in college. Which reminds me. Please shred that application to Wade College and forget about any fashion merchandising degree. This is not what you want. That is a sham of a school and all you're doing is wasting mama and daddys hard earned money. Not to mention you'll be paying on a student loan through your adult years. Start focusing on your first admiration of writing. I think that will get you far. :o)

Your family may be the most dysfunctional of them all, but learn to love them. Dont be ashamed of their problems. Understand when mommy and daddy say "No".  You'll learn that they only want the absolute best for you. Mommy was right all of these years. She is giving you every lesson today. Even though it may not make sense or dont see it now, in about 8 or 9 years, you'll definitely see in the future. Dont let it be too late. She may be gone at the drop of a dime.

You'll soon learn that there are sooo many that have gone through the same as you. Be prepared to share your story in hopes that it will help others triumph after tragedy. Prepare to meet people and be open minded. In life, youre not on trial, fear not to judge or be judged.

Love your more mature, 25 year old self,

Ashley Leger aka Lady Complex

(thx @1boirevolucion for the inspiration)

Complex Repost: Independency in Vegas

I am reposting this entry because around this time next week, I'll be committing sin in Vegas, again. Back in June 2009 I took my first trip to Sin City, it was also my first trip ALONE. I found a sense of peace, happiness, and I also realized how sexy I am, with or without friends. Monumental.

"Please don't slap me with a wet dildo. Sure I been gone way to long, but I was only up to my hoodrat and hoesh** shenanigans. I been a lot of places in the last few weeks. Some physically and some mentally. But this feature will be of my cuntin' all by my lonesome in Las Vegas. (Don't Judge) Its' bad enough I got some family that thinks I went all Britney Spears or some sh**. I just went to clear my head. Hell. I lie. I went to have a f***in good time all by myself. I didnt invite a soul to come along. "Fine, you wanna come, you can come. But if you dont, it aint stoppin me." One monkey dont stop no show. Sh**, when you get tired of waiting on people to do what you wanna do, you go start saying "F*** you, Im goin'" too. Check out the pix BAYBAYYYYYY!!!"

And yes I did strap on my Come f*** me dress, Louboutins, and vintage Chanel clutch, hop in a sleazy cab and headed over to Pure in Caesars Palace. Alone.
And yes I was askin random folk to "Take a picture of me, please? Merci & Gracias".
And yes I waited for 3.5 hours total waiting for the water show at Bellagio. And no I still never saw it.
And yes I was sunbathing until that Bamma mofo you see in the left hand corner came talkin my head off. SECURITY!!
And yes my hotel was the Sh**!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Complex RePost: Heathens and Jezebels

While at work yesterday, I noticed a coworker wearing a Rosary. Me being a devout Catholic, I immediately questioned "Is your rosary blessed?". My response was just a head nod. Cool. I do not know the religious background of this character, nor did I care to ask at that time, but it did get my wheels spinning.

I have been noticing many jewelry pieces being worn by many, many people and I'm like, "Damn, I aint seen all these black people in a Catholic church all my life." Damn shame, I know. And half of them can't even tell you 1 of the 20 Mysteries of the Rosary.

Now, I do not at all claim to be a Saint nor "Holy than Thou", but I do believe strongly in my Catholic devotions and sacrements. I have worn a scalpular since December 2007, when my mother fell ill and out entire family got them blessed by Father Joseph of Sacred Heart in Lake Charles, La. I wear this 24/7, even when it does not "match" anything that I am wearing. It is not meant to match your garments, its meant for worship. I firmly stand on my opinion that if you do not believe in the Prayer of the Rosary you shouldnt be donning rosary beads or a scalpular. I see this as being disrespectful.

I hate even discussing religion because there are so many views and honestly I find it dispectful and tasteless to question someone elses religious beliefs, so understand I am not arguing, I am stating my opinion.

This is an article I picked up over at wikipedia:

"Wearing of a Rosary that one actually uses to pray is neither uncommon nor sacrilegious in various Roman Catholic-adherent cultures and was a common practice in the Medieval and Renaissance periods, particularly among religious (monks, nuns, and friars). Rosaries are also worn hanging from or looped over a belt, particularly with some religious habits, pinned to and hanging from a shoulder or neckline, or wrapped around a wrist or arm as a bracelet. Some Christians feel that it is sacrilegious for a non-believer to wear a rosary around the neck. This is particularly true in Roman Catholic cultures that have histories of persecution, particularly among the Irish and English Catholics. Because Irish Catholic tradition is often seen as normative in the United States and Canada, this has been the source of some conflict in the past. The Roman Catholic Church states: "Sacred objects, set aside for divine worship by dedication or blessing, are to be treated with reverence. They are not to be made over to secular or inappropriate use, even though they may belong to private persons".[55] Thus it is acceptable to wear a rosary if one is doing so to show veneration, however it is not acceptable if one is wearing the rosary irreverently, such as wearing it as a piece of jewelry. Many saints have worn their rosary around the neck, and in the Secret of the Rosary, it is mentioned that a person put his rosary around his neck to keep devils away from him.

Rosaries or rosary-like necklaces are often worn for non-religious purposes as a fashion or jewelry item, and are sold in different variations in popular jewelry and clothing stores. Such ornamental use, especially the wearing of a rosary around the neck, was heavily popularized by singer Madonna in the early 1980s and has experienced a come-back in recent years. Wearing a rosary around the neck can be considered disrespectful if the person wearing it does not affiliate with the Christian religion. Ornate or medieval-style rosary sets are occasionally featured in goth fashion."

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thirsty A** Ex Week: Why Her?

"Every time I see her, I die a little on the inside. She is beautiful, intelligent and sweet. My children love her, and most of all, so does he. He being my ex. I could see how he could fall in love with her. She's never been a pain in my side always pleasant. They met long after we broke up. I didn't want him anymore. He wasn't changing for me. Continuously cheated on me. Even brought the broads into our home. Once I left I never looked back until now. He tried and tried to make it work and even changed in the meantime. I was too busy playing the game at home court advantage and blew my chances. It was too late by the time they met. I knew a little about her. Nothing bad at all. She came to me like a woman the first time we met. Telling me how she wanted to be his woman and a woman to me and my kids at all times. No matter how much I wanted to hate her, I couldn't. No matter how many times I have tried to sleep with him, I failed. What makes her so different than me. I had his children and all he did was disrespect and cheat on me. Knowing all of this, why do I still long to have that relationship with him? I want what they have. I guess people can change. I need to." (Reader Submitted)

Hot Choyclate: Super Bowl Edition

I figure we need to breakaway from those Thirsty A** Exes of ours and quench our dry throats with a lil' hot, sexual choyclate.

Lets revisit and old friend of ours, Darren Sharper. If you may remember, he was poster boy for Hot Choyclate months ago over at I found it only necessary to have him back for my own selfish reason and more so that his foine a** is headed to the SUPER BOWL!!

I know those jezebels in Miami will be throwing victory twat at him left and right. I aint mad though. I just want him and them demples right between my... Who Dat?!?!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thirsty A** Ex Week: My Personal Letter to My Ex

"You should know that I still resent you. We broke up many years ago, but yet, closure came 2 years later. How fair do you think that was? I want you to also know that your disrespect to your girlfriend, who is now the mother of your child, is a TURNOFF not just to me, but to other respectable women. Not to mention makes me queston your fidelity to me way back when. Although, I have moved on with a wonderful man, you always find yourself a way to my SMS inbox. Why for? I dont bother you, and I expect the same in return. Trying to be nice with minimal conversation isn't working well.  Don't you think it would be easier if you would just move on and take care of your new family. You'd rather do things the hard way and pester me, and have to cover sh** up with your family and girlfriend. Let me stop, I am sure you take good care of your family and I am sure you love them, but your respect is low. I hope you know that deleting your text messages dont work, they are stored to you SIM card. That has to be a full-time job. To them you probably hate me, but you know otherwise. I am sure you want to know how well I am doing, but it's not that serious, that's things you can ask me if you were to run into me on the street, but you are too scared to speak to me in public ONLY when they are around. Just an FYI to her: if it's not me, trust me its not, it's someone else. And just how "close" his family is with you, they were once "my" family, too.

Do you know how I wish to put you on blast? Trust me, I contemplated, and still do. Not that I truly care if I "hurt" your situation, cause you're doing that on your own. I just respect myself and my relationship a whole lot more than you. Even though that woman girl didn't care about my feelings when sh** hit the fan, I am a woman, I do care. I'll take the high road, unless necessary. Til then, just leave well enough alone."

Thirsty A** Ex Week:Do Fries Come With That Shake?

Thirsty A** Ex Week continues on

"We went to McDonalds to get some food. Me, my baby mother (who was pregnant at the time) and my youngest brother. While we were waiting on our food, so was another female. Mind you, I was not paying attention to the lady, but my baby mama felt like she was trying to get my attention by showing me her "Vicky's Secrets" (lol). So, the woman kept passing by and my baby mama said real loud "If this b**** passes by one more time, Imma slap you and that b****!". All I could do was ask the people for my food."

Damnnn, homie. Who's the thirsty one here?

(Reader Submitted)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thirsty A** Ex Week: One Thing in Common

My Boyfriend and My Ex Have One Thing in Common

“Drawz!!!I must admit that I am the Thirsty A** Ex here, and I’ll explain why. I am known to be a “Whoreder” (as you call them on twitter), and I still have thing s that belong to my ex in a box that my current boyfriend has no clue about. We’ve been dating for at least 6 years and been living together for the last 2. When my boyfriend began staying the night over, he normally would leave in his same clothes and undergarments. Well, he stayed over one night that I didn’t have to go to work the next morning. We slept in past noon and when he got up he wanted to take a shower. Granted that he has left like undershirts and wife-beaters, he’s never left underwear. After his shower, he started digging in some drawers looking for his shirts, and he asked, “Are these mine?” and there he was holding a black pair of boxers. OMFG. I couldn’t do anything but answer, “Yes”. *He’s been wearing them ever since. “

*SCREAMSSSSSSSSSSS* this is hilarious and wrong at the same time!

(Reader Submitted)

Thirst A** Ex Week: Four Page Letter

My sugarwall on twitter and fellow veteran bocks member, @WYGBA wrote a post the other say about her ex-boyfriend that I definitely relate to. So in dedication of those parched mofos, I am declaring this week "Thirsty A** Ex" week. Have a story? Join in the fun on roasting!

"Leave Me Alone (c) MJ

I asked nicely, don't call me, don't text me.

One of his biggest problems is that he never respected boundaries or rules. Initially, it was cute, cause I was the same way when it came to a lot of things. But the deeper our relationship got, the easier it was to become disillusioned by that. And this time last year, as our shit FINALLY came to an end... I admit, I was fucked up. I was reading blogs I wrote around that time. He really had me going. It took a lot to tear myself away from that. But I'm glad I did, cause he was toxic. But what's crazy is, he doesn't get it. He STILL to this day doesn't get that he was and is no good for me. I gave him too many chances at redemption, and that's what he's used to. You would think after a year of trying to get back in to no avail, he would have given up. I don't understand his persistance.

I thought we could be cool. Remain... friends, or something like it. He was there when my uncle died, and I appreciated it. But instead of him just being cool, he had to try to turn it into something else. As usual. Over the holidays he was doing the most, even after I told him I've moved on, that it's serious, and that we're so over we need a new word for over. So, we had a long conversation. In the end, I asked him to please not call me or text me anymore. There's no need for us to talk to each other if everytime we do, he's trying to get that old thing back.

So this morning I check the mail from yesterday. In the mailbox, I have a letter. From Arki Muthafuckin Williams. *sigh* I started not to even read it. I almost just threw it away. I wished I hadn't had my mail forwarded and it had somehow gotten lost in the shuffle... but it didn't. I read it.

"I know you said not to call. So I didn't. You said don't text. I haven't messaged you. But you never said I couldn't write, and there are things in my heart and on my mind I need you to know."


He went on to say that he missed me. That his Christmas wasn't the same, his New Year's, that he was anxious all day on January 4th cause for the first time after 5 years, he wasn't with me. He said that he doesn't know why I'm trying to deny that I love him. That I'm fooling myself thinking I'm in love with somebody else. That it's "too soon". That he's just another man I'm passing time with before I come back to him like I "always do".

He pissed me off. Cause he was real bold talking a lot of shit. But at the end of the day, I feel sorry for him....

Anyway, now I'm trying to decide whether or not I should respond... "

Damnnnn Homie.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Straight Girls for Amber Rose

As President of the Straight Girls for Amber Rose, I present you our B**** in mank! While I am not a fan of real fur, Amber can do as she pleases.

 Tis all.

Want to become a member of the Straight Girls for Amber Rose? State your love of the baddest in the comment section and your position will be granted.
Meeting Adjourned.

Lady Complex: Lank It To Me!!

Lady Complex's First Feature, the Queen is requesting your presence in her campaign..Queen Rosa's Spot
Wheelchairs Have the Right-a-Way...  Or Hardly Working
Chris Brown "Chris Browns" John Paul Gaultier?... D-Listed
@brookandthecity will change your life, one dance errr- page at a time. Pre-order her book NOW...Miss Jia

B****, I Aint Friendly!

Journal Entry December 6, 2009
"alone, alone. you can have a million people in your corner, but still be alone at the same time. sometimes i wonder if i purposely seclude myself from others? extremely questionable."

Most who know me would probably beg to differ. My first impressions are probably the same with anyone I meet. Dry, but cordial, and little or no personality. Being initially friendly is not my tea. I am definitely not mean, but I can be a bitch. Complex, much? Yes.

My anxiety stems from depression, but the social aspect of my anxiety comes from past relationships. I was known to be a more trustworthy which is how I suffered these 3rd degree burns. Basically, they made it bad for the good.

Social Networking has broken barriers for many of us who suffer with social anxiety. I am 100% sure that most of my "friends" or "followers" from these networks wouldn't be a friend if we met else where. The good about that is it gives people the chance to know YOU (if you portray the real you over the net) before making a commitment to being a "friend-friend". This way they can easily remove themselves before getting emotionally attached without being personally attached. Makes sense?

I have a comfort zone, but I'm alone when I'm there.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inside the Complex Inbox: Love me or, well Love me!

I made my first posts on Monday the 18th, 2 days on the job and I got already what I called “Hate Mail”. This email was from an old friend from college with whom I hadn’t “spoke” within a few months. I use the term “spoke” loosely, because we have chatted over FaceBook, but not over the phone or in person. Unfortunately, this queen assumed my post “How Many of Us Have Them” was referring to her. In so many emails, I expressed to her that the post clearly wasn’t referring to her and that even if it were, those are experiences that happened to ME in MY life and if someone were involved with me in a particular situation I have the right to speak on it without disclosing any names. Though, I’m not accountable for anyone’s feelings, I do this as therapy. While, I won’t be the one to put someone directly on blast (unless necessary), however I did consider posting all of the exchanged emails. Fortunately, the friendship was salvaged. #OnToTheNext.
After receiving those ever so emotional emails, here comes another. Instead, it’s from the Superwoman Lisa Rogers thanking me for the well-worded interview. That turned my day around. =) I expressed my gratitude for her allowing me to interview her.

I have succeeded twice and I have arrived! I am so grateful. POW!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So Ambitious

I admire the sh** out of ambitious people. The drive to accomplish a big or small goal is a quality everyone does not have. Some lack ambition when they become content or complacent in the state they are in. Others seek feed of the ambition that others have for them. They feel that without the gas from others they fail. While the rest lack all of these abilities and fail successfully.

In my opinion, there has to be a passion behind your ambition, the "Why" to what you want to accomplish. If your why is only to seek financial gain, you may want to dig a little deeper. Money means a lot, but substance is greater.Let your "Why" be the "Who" you want to become in the future. Once you become that person, help the ones around you become the "Who" they want to be.

I'd like to think that the some (not all) people around you admire you for the "Who" You are now, rather than the "Who" you can become. People are afraid of what they don't and cant have. This envy can fuel from materialistic or personal possessions of the next. I support numerous people or things on the strength of the potential of success. The truth is there are more people against you than for you. No one is forced to support you. But don't count on those people. While those people are focusing on you failing, you stay focused on the ones that do would want nothing more for you to make it to the top. You can make them see what they are permanently blind to and what they cant see is anothers success, which brings me back to an old blog post  Intimidated, much?

Be blessed for those that stand behind you and reciprocate the favor. Its extremely easy to lose supporters when you show ungratefulness. The people that genuinely want you to win are the people who make you who you are.

There is a fine line with being ambitious and just outright THIRSTY. The a** kissing? Have you a tube of Carmex ready. You don't like me (or my cause), you wont support and I wont beg let alone ask you to. Kissing the hierarchy's a** wont get you anywhere but a free clinic and some Abreva. You shouldn't have to wait to be someone else's project or investment. I understand that some aren't fortunate enough to contribute to their own brand, but there are ways to frame your brand. Get your name out there- with the RIGHT people. Use your connects and find the person that sees what you see in your project, not just someone to put you on. If your investor doesn't "buy" (believe) your brand outside of the monetary contributions then how can they push you to potential buyers (believers)?

I consider myself to be amongst a great group of "Go-Getters". Men and women. People who believe in theirrselves before others. If we wait for people to care or agree with us about everything that we do we wouldnt be anything right now. I have great people that love to share ideas and the spotlight. Love them for that. Thats who you need in your corner to succeed.

Celebs are the first to say "People in the (music) industry are shady.". Hell, people in my industry are shady. Your "industry" can be your inner circle, your job, your field, your family. I decided to do away with the "circles" and walk in my own line. Walk with me or without me. While I don't suggest anyone to follow me, beware the journey is long, but its fueled by motivation and ambition and driven by success.

Remember: Be passionate towards your future accomplishmnents.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Complex Interview: Lisa Rogers, Superwoman Promoter

To start off something for the new site, I will be posting interviews with interesting successful men and women who are successful in their own right. Hopefully this can and will inspire you to dream for bigger aspirations or remove any and all of stereotypical mindsets of people who achieve at different levels. So eff what you heard!!!

If you are familiar with Houston nightlife, you can bet your $20 entry fee you’ve attended an event orchestrated by Perfect 10 Entertainment. Now, in the time of everyone is a club promoter, only few can stand true to the title. Her parties are filled with beautiful people, athletes and Hollywood stars and every year for her birthday, she shuts down the city for an entire weekend. This New Orleans born and bred self-made woman tells then ins and outs of the game and how being extremely successful intimidates men.

In my interview with the popular Lisa Rogers, she explains the hows of getting started, her drive and skin of armor got her to a place of accomplishment and 2010 being her best year yet. The “Queen of Clubs” or shall I say, The Lisa Rogers spent 20 years building her brand, so trust what she says. Chick knows what she’s doing.

You think you’re a promoter? While you think again, take some notes.

Name: Lisa Rogers
Business: Perfect 10 Entertainment
Years in Game: 20

At what point did you decide to make it your fulltime job?: “I guess it was about 10 or 11 years ago when I realized that I really enjoyed it and I was able to make a living doing it!”

Not many women last in the industry, how long did it take for you to get your name established in a male dominated business?: “I am driven! I cannot recall how long it took....maybe MBar days is where it really was determined that I had arrived and as you see, I’m still standing!”

With success comes envy from others in any field. Having "thick skin" is acquired and its not common. I am sure you've experienced shadiness, is it worth it past the monetary side of it?: “Ooooh, good question. I have gone through so much BS from haters that you couldn’t begin to imagine. Rumors and gossip run deep when it comes to The Queen! but I have learned to keep my guard up and protect myself and my family from the negativity. This just happens to be the way that I make my money....I’m good at YES it is worth it!”

Was there anyone in particular that you looked up to or that helped you prosper in the nightlife industry?: “Von McDaniel from Cheeks 22 put me in the game and Steve Rogers kept me there. They both played big rolls in the evolution of Lisa Rogers.”

Does working in the night life make your dating life hard?: You are extremely successful and your name is synonymous in Houston, are men intimidated?: “I don’t really date....I’ve heard it said that men are intimidated. That is sad to me. I am a good woman.”

What do you think of the women who come behind you? Do feel as though they are trying to take over what you started in Houston? What advice could you offer the women trying to get on?: “Honestly these are some hard shoes to fill. One cannot throw their name on a flyer and truly be considered a promoter. NO I don’t feel like anyone can take what i have started because with it comes a passion and dedication that has to come from inside. Its not just about who knows who and being popular. This runs through my’s what i do! As far as advice goes, I would say always remember that you are a lady before you are a promoter and you should carry yourself in that manner.”

Who coined you the "Queen of Clubs”?: “A Houston photographer that works with his, name is Wiley.”

Do you plan on retiring from this field and if so when? Or do you plan on conquering another career?: “If you had asked me this question a few months ago I would have said that i would be retiring soon but since I have been blessed with The Horn Bar and Grille, i think i will be around for a few more years.”

What’s next for The Lisa Rogers in 2010?: “WELL 2010 IS MY YEAR...10 IS MY PERFECT NUMBER! “As I mentioned a little earlier, I have been blessed with The Horn Bar and Grille, it allows me to be creative in a different manner. Live entertainment is so exciting…it’s a lot of work putting shows together and taking reservations all day BUT I AM LOVING IT!!!!!! “

If you’re looking to party with a plethora of beautiful people and tons of celebs, join Lisa Rogers on Wednesday and Saturday nights at The Horn Bar and Grille on the Richmond Strip with live entertainment or the infamous Plan B at Belvedere in Uptown Park every Sunday.

Are you or do you know someone with an interesting success story, click the Kontactr Me button to the left and submit your inquiry.

How Many of Us Have Them?

Back in high school I rolled about 15 deep. Anywhere we went there was at least 10 of us. On rare occasions you would see a solo-dolo, but that's how we rolled. Over the years, some relationships had ran its course and people started trickling of your MySpace Top Friends (that was such a big deal then). Sure its life, but we all must admit to being naive at times.

Some girls pursued college and careers while others chose settling down and the family life. A handful of us still keep in close contact with each other and remain close. However, there was never any closure or answers to the whats and whys of our "cliques" friendships. We all thought for sure that BFF meant exactly "Best Friends Forever". No you don't have to call me everyday, but if I haven't heard from you in a month and I attempt to call you, I do expect and answer or a call back to say the least. After many attempts, I quit. I felt as if I made the effort to stay a "friend" to you and was totally ignored. I had no more questions because after so long I had already had my answers. No matter what they would've told me, I wouldn't have believed it.
My answers were one of the friendships were solely based on my relationship with someones sibling. So, when that relationship ended as did the friendship. The problem with that is that it doesn't satisfy the end of the others. Well, my answer to that is others not walking in their own line. Just following the trends. The trend being: ending all relationships with people who aren't "Saved". What-Thee-Fuck-Ever.

I've heard many rumors (i use that term loosely) as to why, like the ever so nice "We don't have anything in common anymore." Like the only thing we had in common was screwing everyone on every campus in Louisiana (they did that, I had a bf. lol), staying out all night, and fighting with random hoes. Speaks measures on your life, right? Grant it that I have kept in touch with a select few, I appreciate everyone who has given effort to continue on the relationships we had.

Disassociating yourself from toxic friends and family is extremely healthy. You should never end a relationship on pure bullshit. Nor should you decide to end a relationship with another without their knowledge. They have the right to know your reason. If they hurt you it should be pertinent for them to know so they can fix. You should always walk away from a situation feeling and knowing that you did everything you could possibly to do fix it. End it amicably. Follow the first Law of Nature: Self Preservation.Put yourself and your feelings first in all relationships. If its not right for you now, it probably wont be right for you later. And if you happen to end up in the other side of the rope, don't blame yourself. If they don't love you now, they didn't love you to begin with and they wont love you in to the end.

I'm sure I'll piss many off with the post- Like I care. Can we talk now? Nawl. You don't even have to acknowledge me when you see me. I chose to let go many relationships recently, choosing to handle some in a different way. Deleting people out of your phonebook, Facebook, Myspace, etc is one thing, but deleting them out of your memory is another. I can manage both.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Introducing: Lady Complex and

Wow, guys. I never thought this day would’ve come. Me and my own Dotcom? Woot Woot!! Well, it’s been a long time coming. Especially with the transitions I am making from a young lady to a full fledged woman. While I’m leaving my old alias “Latarian’s Au Pair”  behind, something I will never forget or regret getting my “blogging” days started in the “Bocks” on I felt like that brand was limiting me to meager potential. I got with my personal (Web) Image Consultant, Monsieur Terry Thierry and he gave me so many leads to follow.

With Lady Complex, I will be able to relate to more women and men and it will allow me to be more creative and meet more people than ever before. Some may say that I being risk taker with this move and what would like to accomplish, but "the only risk is one not taken". Some things may be offensive, but thats only if youre guilty. I am not promising I wont directly "aim" at anyone in particular, but hell, this is about me, right? If you no likey, read the disclaimer.

Who is Lady Complex? Terry and I came up with this name in our first meeting. He asked me: "Who is Ashley Leger? What is she about? What does she like? How does she feel?" And in so many words…I am complex. I have many sides to me. Not the Schizophrenic sides, but the more personal sides. I love people, but not all people. I love life, but not all the time. I love to express my feelings, ALL the time. And with that, I am okay with being complex. It is who I am, and Lady Complex is who I be. (lol)

If youre that same type of man or woman, you can learn to love that about you. It makes you special and not the “classroom with the carpet and bean bags” special. I can help you along the way. I'm kinda like that (girl)friend you never had, but always wanted. You know, the one that pushes you to be the best at whatever it is you do? Wanna be a hoe? Well be the best damn hoe you can be, baby!! I'm on your side, never against you!! The one who tells you right, no matter how much you wanna hear that your ball-headed d*ckbeaters are cute. You better get some polish on that sh*t.  The topics I write about are indeed random, but they are things that everyday people think about, but are afraid to ask or talk about. Walk with me while we cross those boundaries.

Writing has brought this other side of me out. I am still writing my memoir, “The Beautiful Tragedy” (formally “Mother, Mother”.  and by far its challenging the most of my potential.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still the same silly, nonsensical, no bullshit girl from the south, just spillin’ a lil’ more tea. If you liked, you're gonna love

So, look around, grab a seat (click the follow me) and get ready for a journey!!!

FYI: I have an issue with correct grammar and punctuation at times. I do as I please here. So, bish just read.  Who gon spell check me, boo?