Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inside the Complex Inbox: Love me or, well Love me!

I made my first posts on Monday the 18th, 2 days on the job and I got already what I called “Hate Mail”. This email was from an old friend from college with whom I hadn’t “spoke” within a few months. I use the term “spoke” loosely, because we have chatted over FaceBook, but not over the phone or in person. Unfortunately, this queen assumed my post “How Many of Us Have Them” was referring to her. In so many emails, I expressed to her that the post clearly wasn’t referring to her and that even if it were, those are experiences that happened to ME in MY life and if someone were involved with me in a particular situation I have the right to speak on it without disclosing any names. Though, I’m not accountable for anyone’s feelings, I do this as therapy. While, I won’t be the one to put someone directly on blast (unless necessary), however I did consider posting all of the exchanged emails. Fortunately, the friendship was salvaged. #OnToTheNext.
After receiving those ever so emotional emails, here comes another. Instead, it’s from the Superwoman Lisa Rogers thanking me for the well-worded interview. That turned my day around. =) I expressed my gratitude for her allowing me to interview her.

I have succeeded twice and I have arrived! I am so grateful. POW!

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