Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thirsty A** Ex Week: My Personal Letter to My Ex

"You should know that I still resent you. We broke up many years ago, but yet, closure came 2 years later. How fair do you think that was? I want you to also know that your disrespect to your girlfriend, who is now the mother of your child, is a TURNOFF not just to me, but to other respectable women. Not to mention makes me queston your fidelity to me way back when. Although, I have moved on with a wonderful man, you always find yourself a way to my SMS inbox. Why for? I dont bother you, and I expect the same in return. Trying to be nice with minimal conversation isn't working well.  Don't you think it would be easier if you would just move on and take care of your new family. You'd rather do things the hard way and pester me, and have to cover sh** up with your family and girlfriend. Let me stop, I am sure you take good care of your family and I am sure you love them, but your respect is low. I hope you know that deleting your text messages dont work, they are stored to you SIM card. That has to be a full-time job. To them you probably hate me, but you know otherwise. I am sure you want to know how well I am doing, but it's not that serious, that's things you can ask me if you were to run into me on the street, but you are too scared to speak to me in public ONLY when they are around. Just an FYI to her: if it's not me, trust me its not, it's someone else. And just how "close" his family is with you, they were once "my" family, too.

Do you know how I wish to put you on blast? Trust me, I contemplated, and still do. Not that I truly care if I "hurt" your situation, cause you're doing that on your own. I just respect myself and my relationship a whole lot more than you. Even though that woman girl didn't care about my feelings when sh** hit the fan, I am a woman, I do care. I'll take the high road, unless necessary. Til then, just leave well enough alone."

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