Friday, January 29, 2010

A Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self

Dear Ashley,

Just because mama put you on birth control doesn't mean you should hand your virginity to that lil' football player. Trust me, boo, he aint going to the league. He is gonna be a production worker at a local plant. Hmpf. And guess what? He's gonna break your heart in about 6 years, when you find him in the bed with another tramp on Christmas Day. With that being said, it might be a great time to get your emotions civilized and stop beating up random trollups over this future manwhore. No more sneaking quickies while mommy and daddy are sleep. Yea it's good, but trust there is better. There is a man that will come into your life and he will be right on time, learning you something new everyday. He may not be in the physical form you expect, but dont look past him. He'll be right in front of your face.

The "Clique" that you say are your friends, uh uh, they aint. Nothing but a group of cotton-mouth followers that will ignore your phone calls once they become "Saved" by the Lawwd and like to forget they ever whored on the local college campuses. You will NEVER forget this. The remaining girls will stay the same even when you think that the odds of your friendship lasting are slim-to-none.

Stop tryna look cute at school. Everyone knows you exude style and will for the rest of your glorious and cuntabulous life. Step your grades up.If you apply yourself a little more you can achieve better. Enjoy the freedom of not having any bills. You are going to long for this once you're in college. Which reminds me. Please shred that application to Wade College and forget about any fashion merchandising degree. This is not what you want. That is a sham of a school and all you're doing is wasting mama and daddys hard earned money. Not to mention you'll be paying on a student loan through your adult years. Start focusing on your first admiration of writing. I think that will get you far. :o)

Your family may be the most dysfunctional of them all, but learn to love them. Dont be ashamed of their problems. Understand when mommy and daddy say "No".  You'll learn that they only want the absolute best for you. Mommy was right all of these years. She is giving you every lesson today. Even though it may not make sense or dont see it now, in about 8 or 9 years, you'll definitely see in the future. Dont let it be too late. She may be gone at the drop of a dime.

You'll soon learn that there are sooo many that have gone through the same as you. Be prepared to share your story in hopes that it will help others triumph after tragedy. Prepare to meet people and be open minded. In life, youre not on trial, fear not to judge or be judged.

Love your more mature, 25 year old self,

Ashley Leger aka Lady Complex

(thx @1boirevolucion for the inspiration)

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