Ashley Leger began blogging under the alias "Latarian's Au Pair" in 2007. After a decision to take her nonsensical thoughts to another plateau, she and long time friend came up with the brand Lady Complex. Ashley says that the pseudo Lady Complex is no alter ego of who she is personally. It was only a matter of branding to separate herself amongst the millions of Ashley's around the world.

After being diagnosed with severe clinical depression and anxiety, she chose writing as therapy of medication to supress her emotions. She spent her days grieving over the loss of her mother and struggling with forgiving close friends and family members, channeling energy into a journal. It was after havng to purchase a new journal every week when the decision was made to take her journal writing to the next level and share her thoughts in a personal memoir called, "The Beautiful Tragedy". In between completing the book, she currently writes under her personal blog http://www.myladycomplex.com/, tackling controversial topics and personal issues mixed with witty commentary. Ashley would also like to team with a charity or organization to help mentor youth about raised in an addicted family and losing loved ones at a young age.

To contact Ashley personally, email at MyLadyComplex@yahoo.com

I, Lady Complex, stand firmly behind all entries and posts on this site. However, the comments and opinions of others do not reflect my views. Please understand that I created this space for no judgement.
Any pictures or quotes listed on this site, should be linked to source accordingly. If you have found anything that you feel may have been plagiarized, please contact me immediately myladycomplex@yahoo.com. If you would like to use any of my posts or commentary, please have the same respect for me and link my site to your post. It is greatly appreciated.

Plagiarism is a crime and so is stealing, which is also a sin.