Friday, October 29, 2010

EmbraceUrLifeRadio Live Show Review with Angela and Vanessa Simmons: Listen NOW!

As most of you may already know, I had the amazing opportunity to co-host EmbraceUrLife Radio with Tiffani Walker on Wednesday interviewing Angela and Vanessa Simmons. These ladies need no introduction. They are making waves in the industry with their multi-million dollar fashion house Pastry and told us they are currently looking forward to being on the big screen in 2011.

The extremely enlightening interview with these fabulous sisters can be listen to here:

I encourage everyone to leave a comment on the show page, expressing your opinions. If you do not have a BTR account, please email for me to be considered as permanent co-host of ELR.

Halloween Fashion: As Heard on Embrace Ur Life Radio with Angela and Vanessa Simmons

Halloween is here!! Am I the only one excited? Probably not. Halloween is the only time of the year a lady can dress like a stone hoe and it be okay'd. *claps in a circle* If you are like me, haven't dressed in a costume since elementary, then it can be quite exciting to channel your creative juices for one night. Here I will give some tips to make your Halloween sexy and fun.  

Who's the most creative, bold and daring bitch on the planet? She is. Why not take this epic fashion moment she created and make it work for Halloween? This was my first choice of costume, but due to my big fineness and lack of LARGE size leotards at the local glitter boutique (American Apparel), I am opting for another GaGa wonder. It's pretty self explanatory. You will probably need an assistant, someone preferably with a "vision" to help you along the way.
The Meat Dress. Minus the Meat. GaGa caused a stir with maggots, errr, PETA, when she donned this disKustingly sweet meat dress. Grab an assistant to help you, this requires a VISION. Now WERK.

Grab your raunchiest girlfriend and fist pump the night away dressed as these demure beauties, Jwwow and Snooki. Don't forget your spray tans and fake Coach purses! Owww.

Make up is key on Halloween. Fall back from the white pasty, vampire make up. Glam it up with some adhesive rhinestones for your eyes (Not like PHAEDRA PARKS), grab a pair of feathered eyelashes and some deep lip color. Don't be afraid to try the whimsical look with bright colors and designs.

If you're anything like myself, you like to participate in the festivities by wearing basic black garments. Let's try to accessorize it this Halloween with some bold, gargatuan hair accessories, thigh high boots and funky tights.

Celebrity Love Square: Heard on EmbraceUrLifeRadio with Angela & Vanessa Simmons

Oh, Kim. Oh, Kanye. Oh, Amber. Oh, Reggie. You sluts!! I kid, I kid. They are just living the life of rich, spoiled brats. Anyhow. Gossip aint my thang, however, it was a segment I hosted on EmbraceLifeRadio with Angela and Vanessa Simmons. Messy, I know!!

All parties have split amicably. Well, those who were in an "official" (what is that?) relationship. What is extremely odd (not really), is how Kim and Kanye seem to run into each others arms after a break up. See, Alexis and her mole. See, Amber Rose. See, Reggie Bush. See, Miles Austin. They have been spotted all over the place and Kanye was even on set of Kim's new reality show taping in NYC.

But, Amber and Reggie wasn't having that. No ma'am. They got their own fancies tickled and kicked it together a handful of times. If you may recall, one of Kim and Reggie's break ups were because of some text messages from Kanye. Oh, to be a hacker. It once got nasty when Amber and Kim took subliminal shots at each other via the Boulevard of All Things Hoeshit...Twitter.

Blah, blah,'s now being reported that Kim and Kanye have made it "official."

Now someone explain to me what exactly is "official" in Hollywood terms.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Kelly Osbourne

Oh, how I love she. How far has she come! From cussing and cunting out her family on their MTV reality series, Kelly has become a refined beauty. Let's hope there is still some cuntactular glitter pumping through her veins. I wish her was my friend. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lady Complex Featured on It's Everything with Chaun Vaughn on BlogTalkRadio

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a spectacular and eloquent woman by the name of Chaun Vaughn on her talk radio show "It's Everything with Chaun Vaughn".

We talked about everything from how I got the name "Lady Complex" to clinical depression and my hopes to work with youth who have lost a parent to addiction or an early death.

Click here to listen in the segment! And continue to support #TeamComplex!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wait for What?: Taking the Next Step

There comes a time in all relationships when you start to ask "What's next?" Nothing wrong with that, it's just up to who you are asking. It makes sense to be asking your significant other, but have you ever thought that it makes more sense to ask yourself? If there is no talk about marriage, babies, the possibility of moving in together or whatever the next step may be, then what are you really seeking?
Sure enough, talking about it won't suffice, actions must take place, but communication is key and talking is that starting point. But after how long do you "talk" about it? How long is the wait? I mean, how much is there to yap about? And could you or your partner accept the unwillingness to commit to that next step? That is the most important question.
Each of you will not agree on every move. It is a give and take. But, who will be the one to compromise first? Who makes the last sacrifice to hold on? If you constantly ask these same questions and render no answers, maybe THAT is your answer.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fashion Week Houston Part One

Fashion Week slowly made its way to Houston and over the last week, I have had the pleasure of attending a few private events. Thanks to 002Houston Magazine for the special invite. I sipped on bottomless cocktails by Ty-Ku brand vodka and picked up a wine glass from Stella Ardois beer. Billy Reid had gift bags for all attendees filled with Sebastian hair products and a special issue of 002Houston Magazine.

002Houston Magazine presents: Billy Reid Fashion Show at West Houston Audi and Porsche.

Your Girlfriend's Girlfriend.

Couldn't resist. 2011 Porsche Panamera. Am I nailing that pose or what? GAG!