Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wait for What?: Taking the Next Step

There comes a time in all relationships when you start to ask "What's next?" Nothing wrong with that, it's just up to who you are asking. It makes sense to be asking your significant other, but have you ever thought that it makes more sense to ask yourself? If there is no talk about marriage, babies, the possibility of moving in together or whatever the next step may be, then what are you really seeking?
Sure enough, talking about it won't suffice, actions must take place, but communication is key and talking is that starting point. But after how long do you "talk" about it? How long is the wait? I mean, how much is there to yap about? And could you or your partner accept the unwillingness to commit to that next step? That is the most important question.
Each of you will not agree on every move. It is a give and take. But, who will be the one to compromise first? Who makes the last sacrifice to hold on? If you constantly ask these same questions and render no answers, maybe THAT is your answer.

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