Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Fashion: As Heard on Embrace Ur Life Radio with Angela and Vanessa Simmons

Halloween is here!! Am I the only one excited? Probably not. Halloween is the only time of the year a lady can dress like a stone hoe and it be okay'd. *claps in a circle* If you are like me, haven't dressed in a costume since elementary, then it can be quite exciting to channel your creative juices for one night. Here I will give some tips to make your Halloween sexy and fun.  

Who's the most creative, bold and daring bitch on the planet? She is. Why not take this epic fashion moment she created and make it work for Halloween? This was my first choice of costume, but due to my big fineness and lack of LARGE size leotards at the local glitter boutique (American Apparel), I am opting for another GaGa wonder. It's pretty self explanatory. You will probably need an assistant, someone preferably with a "vision" to help you along the way.
The Meat Dress. Minus the Meat. GaGa caused a stir with maggots, errr, PETA, when she donned this disKustingly sweet meat dress. Grab an assistant to help you, this requires a VISION. Now WERK.

Grab your raunchiest girlfriend and fist pump the night away dressed as these demure beauties, Jwwow and Snooki. Don't forget your spray tans and fake Coach purses! Owww.

Make up is key on Halloween. Fall back from the white pasty, vampire make up. Glam it up with some adhesive rhinestones for your eyes (Not like PHAEDRA PARKS), grab a pair of feathered eyelashes and some deep lip color. Don't be afraid to try the whimsical look with bright colors and designs.

If you're anything like myself, you like to participate in the festivities by wearing basic black garments. Let's try to accessorize it this Halloween with some bold, gargatuan hair accessories, thigh high boots and funky tights.

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