Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebrity Love Square: Heard on EmbraceUrLifeRadio with Angela & Vanessa Simmons

Oh, Kim. Oh, Kanye. Oh, Amber. Oh, Reggie. You sluts!! I kid, I kid. They are just living the life of rich, spoiled brats. Anyhow. Gossip aint my thang, however, it was a segment I hosted on EmbraceLifeRadio with Angela and Vanessa Simmons. Messy, I know!!

All parties have split amicably. Well, those who were in an "official" (what is that?) relationship. What is extremely odd (not really), is how Kim and Kanye seem to run into each others arms after a break up. See, Alexis and her mole. See, Amber Rose. See, Reggie Bush. See, Miles Austin. They have been spotted all over the place and Kanye was even on set of Kim's new reality show taping in NYC.

But, Amber and Reggie wasn't having that. No ma'am. They got their own fancies tickled and kicked it together a handful of times. If you may recall, one of Kim and Reggie's break ups were because of some text messages from Kanye. Oh, to be a hacker. It once got nasty when Amber and Kim took subliminal shots at each other via the Boulevard of All Things Hoeshit...Twitter.

Blah, blah,'s now being reported that Kim and Kanye have made it "official."

Now someone explain to me what exactly is "official" in Hollywood terms.

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"D" Oncye said...

Child official in Hollywood terms is dating for a week publicity stunt, and then you break up after you've milked that horse, and on to the next.