Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So Ambitious

I admire the sh** out of ambitious people. The drive to accomplish a big or small goal is a quality everyone does not have. Some lack ambition when they become content or complacent in the state they are in. Others seek feed of the ambition that others have for them. They feel that without the gas from others they fail. While the rest lack all of these abilities and fail successfully.

In my opinion, there has to be a passion behind your ambition, the "Why" to what you want to accomplish. If your why is only to seek financial gain, you may want to dig a little deeper. Money means a lot, but substance is greater.Let your "Why" be the "Who" you want to become in the future. Once you become that person, help the ones around you become the "Who" they want to be.

I'd like to think that the some (not all) people around you admire you for the "Who" You are now, rather than the "Who" you can become. People are afraid of what they don't and cant have. This envy can fuel from materialistic or personal possessions of the next. I support numerous people or things on the strength of the potential of success. The truth is there are more people against you than for you. No one is forced to support you. But don't count on those people. While those people are focusing on you failing, you stay focused on the ones that do would want nothing more for you to make it to the top. You can make them see what they are permanently blind to and what they cant see is anothers success, which brings me back to an old blog post  Intimidated, much?

Be blessed for those that stand behind you and reciprocate the favor. Its extremely easy to lose supporters when you show ungratefulness. The people that genuinely want you to win are the people who make you who you are.

There is a fine line with being ambitious and just outright THIRSTY. The a** kissing? Have you a tube of Carmex ready. You don't like me (or my cause), you wont support and I wont beg let alone ask you to. Kissing the hierarchy's a** wont get you anywhere but a free clinic and some Abreva. You shouldn't have to wait to be someone else's project or investment. I understand that some aren't fortunate enough to contribute to their own brand, but there are ways to frame your brand. Get your name out there- with the RIGHT people. Use your connects and find the person that sees what you see in your project, not just someone to put you on. If your investor doesn't "buy" (believe) your brand outside of the monetary contributions then how can they push you to potential buyers (believers)?

I consider myself to be amongst a great group of "Go-Getters". Men and women. People who believe in theirrselves before others. If we wait for people to care or agree with us about everything that we do we wouldnt be anything right now. I have great people that love to share ideas and the spotlight. Love them for that. Thats who you need in your corner to succeed.

Celebs are the first to say "People in the (music) industry are shady.". Hell, people in my industry are shady. Your "industry" can be your inner circle, your job, your field, your family. I decided to do away with the "circles" and walk in my own line. Walk with me or without me. While I don't suggest anyone to follow me, beware the journey is long, but its fueled by motivation and ambition and driven by success.

Remember: Be passionate towards your future accomplishmnents.

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