Friday, January 15, 2010

Introducing: Lady Complex and

Wow, guys. I never thought this day would’ve come. Me and my own Dotcom? Woot Woot!! Well, it’s been a long time coming. Especially with the transitions I am making from a young lady to a full fledged woman. While I’m leaving my old alias “Latarian’s Au Pair”  behind, something I will never forget or regret getting my “blogging” days started in the “Bocks” on I felt like that brand was limiting me to meager potential. I got with my personal (Web) Image Consultant, Monsieur Terry Thierry and he gave me so many leads to follow.

With Lady Complex, I will be able to relate to more women and men and it will allow me to be more creative and meet more people than ever before. Some may say that I being risk taker with this move and what would like to accomplish, but "the only risk is one not taken". Some things may be offensive, but thats only if youre guilty. I am not promising I wont directly "aim" at anyone in particular, but hell, this is about me, right? If you no likey, read the disclaimer.

Who is Lady Complex? Terry and I came up with this name in our first meeting. He asked me: "Who is Ashley Leger? What is she about? What does she like? How does she feel?" And in so many words…I am complex. I have many sides to me. Not the Schizophrenic sides, but the more personal sides. I love people, but not all people. I love life, but not all the time. I love to express my feelings, ALL the time. And with that, I am okay with being complex. It is who I am, and Lady Complex is who I be. (lol)

If youre that same type of man or woman, you can learn to love that about you. It makes you special and not the “classroom with the carpet and bean bags” special. I can help you along the way. I'm kinda like that (girl)friend you never had, but always wanted. You know, the one that pushes you to be the best at whatever it is you do? Wanna be a hoe? Well be the best damn hoe you can be, baby!! I'm on your side, never against you!! The one who tells you right, no matter how much you wanna hear that your ball-headed d*ckbeaters are cute. You better get some polish on that sh*t.  The topics I write about are indeed random, but they are things that everyday people think about, but are afraid to ask or talk about. Walk with me while we cross those boundaries.

Writing has brought this other side of me out. I am still writing my memoir, “The Beautiful Tragedy” (formally “Mother, Mother”.  and by far its challenging the most of my potential.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still the same silly, nonsensical, no bullshit girl from the south, just spillin’ a lil’ more tea. If you liked, you're gonna love

So, look around, grab a seat (click the follow me) and get ready for a journey!!!

FYI: I have an issue with correct grammar and punctuation at times. I do as I please here. So, bish just read.  Who gon spell check me, boo?

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