Monday, January 18, 2010

Complex Interview: Lisa Rogers, Superwoman Promoter

To start off something for the new site, I will be posting interviews with interesting successful men and women who are successful in their own right. Hopefully this can and will inspire you to dream for bigger aspirations or remove any and all of stereotypical mindsets of people who achieve at different levels. So eff what you heard!!!

If you are familiar with Houston nightlife, you can bet your $20 entry fee you’ve attended an event orchestrated by Perfect 10 Entertainment. Now, in the time of everyone is a club promoter, only few can stand true to the title. Her parties are filled with beautiful people, athletes and Hollywood stars and every year for her birthday, she shuts down the city for an entire weekend. This New Orleans born and bred self-made woman tells then ins and outs of the game and how being extremely successful intimidates men.

In my interview with the popular Lisa Rogers, she explains the hows of getting started, her drive and skin of armor got her to a place of accomplishment and 2010 being her best year yet. The “Queen of Clubs” or shall I say, The Lisa Rogers spent 20 years building her brand, so trust what she says. Chick knows what she’s doing.

You think you’re a promoter? While you think again, take some notes.

Name: Lisa Rogers
Business: Perfect 10 Entertainment
Years in Game: 20

At what point did you decide to make it your fulltime job?: “I guess it was about 10 or 11 years ago when I realized that I really enjoyed it and I was able to make a living doing it!”

Not many women last in the industry, how long did it take for you to get your name established in a male dominated business?: “I am driven! I cannot recall how long it took....maybe MBar days is where it really was determined that I had arrived and as you see, I’m still standing!”

With success comes envy from others in any field. Having "thick skin" is acquired and its not common. I am sure you've experienced shadiness, is it worth it past the monetary side of it?: “Ooooh, good question. I have gone through so much BS from haters that you couldn’t begin to imagine. Rumors and gossip run deep when it comes to The Queen! but I have learned to keep my guard up and protect myself and my family from the negativity. This just happens to be the way that I make my money....I’m good at YES it is worth it!”

Was there anyone in particular that you looked up to or that helped you prosper in the nightlife industry?: “Von McDaniel from Cheeks 22 put me in the game and Steve Rogers kept me there. They both played big rolls in the evolution of Lisa Rogers.”

Does working in the night life make your dating life hard?: You are extremely successful and your name is synonymous in Houston, are men intimidated?: “I don’t really date....I’ve heard it said that men are intimidated. That is sad to me. I am a good woman.”

What do you think of the women who come behind you? Do feel as though they are trying to take over what you started in Houston? What advice could you offer the women trying to get on?: “Honestly these are some hard shoes to fill. One cannot throw their name on a flyer and truly be considered a promoter. NO I don’t feel like anyone can take what i have started because with it comes a passion and dedication that has to come from inside. Its not just about who knows who and being popular. This runs through my’s what i do! As far as advice goes, I would say always remember that you are a lady before you are a promoter and you should carry yourself in that manner.”

Who coined you the "Queen of Clubs”?: “A Houston photographer that works with his, name is Wiley.”

Do you plan on retiring from this field and if so when? Or do you plan on conquering another career?: “If you had asked me this question a few months ago I would have said that i would be retiring soon but since I have been blessed with The Horn Bar and Grille, i think i will be around for a few more years.”

What’s next for The Lisa Rogers in 2010?: “WELL 2010 IS MY YEAR...10 IS MY PERFECT NUMBER! “As I mentioned a little earlier, I have been blessed with The Horn Bar and Grille, it allows me to be creative in a different manner. Live entertainment is so exciting…it’s a lot of work putting shows together and taking reservations all day BUT I AM LOVING IT!!!!!! “

If you’re looking to party with a plethora of beautiful people and tons of celebs, join Lisa Rogers on Wednesday and Saturday nights at The Horn Bar and Grille on the Richmond Strip with live entertainment or the infamous Plan B at Belvedere in Uptown Park every Sunday.

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I've seen Lisa Rogers in action. She is a tough cookie, but shrewd business woman. Hanging out at Belvedere on Sundays was the shit. We all have heard stories about her being a madam, but what do you expect- Houston is notorious for pimps and 'hoeing'. Plus she's from the N.O.

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