Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thirsty A** Ex Week: Why Her?

"Every time I see her, I die a little on the inside. She is beautiful, intelligent and sweet. My children love her, and most of all, so does he. He being my ex. I could see how he could fall in love with her. She's never been a pain in my side always pleasant. They met long after we broke up. I didn't want him anymore. He wasn't changing for me. Continuously cheated on me. Even brought the broads into our home. Once I left I never looked back until now. He tried and tried to make it work and even changed in the meantime. I was too busy playing the game at home court advantage and blew my chances. It was too late by the time they met. I knew a little about her. Nothing bad at all. She came to me like a woman the first time we met. Telling me how she wanted to be his woman and a woman to me and my kids at all times. No matter how much I wanted to hate her, I couldn't. No matter how many times I have tried to sleep with him, I failed. What makes her so different than me. I had his children and all he did was disrespect and cheat on me. Knowing all of this, why do I still long to have that relationship with him? I want what they have. I guess people can change. I need to." (Reader Submitted)

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