Monday, January 25, 2010

Thirsty A** Ex Week: One Thing in Common

My Boyfriend and My Ex Have One Thing in Common

“Drawz!!!I must admit that I am the Thirsty A** Ex here, and I’ll explain why. I am known to be a “Whoreder” (as you call them on twitter), and I still have thing s that belong to my ex in a box that my current boyfriend has no clue about. We’ve been dating for at least 6 years and been living together for the last 2. When my boyfriend began staying the night over, he normally would leave in his same clothes and undergarments. Well, he stayed over one night that I didn’t have to go to work the next morning. We slept in past noon and when he got up he wanted to take a shower. Granted that he has left like undershirts and wife-beaters, he’s never left underwear. After his shower, he started digging in some drawers looking for his shirts, and he asked, “Are these mine?” and there he was holding a black pair of boxers. OMFG. I couldn’t do anything but answer, “Yes”. *He’s been wearing them ever since. “

*SCREAMSSSSSSSSSSS* this is hilarious and wrong at the same time!

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