Friday, January 22, 2010

B****, I Aint Friendly!

Journal Entry December 6, 2009
"alone, alone. you can have a million people in your corner, but still be alone at the same time. sometimes i wonder if i purposely seclude myself from others? extremely questionable."

Most who know me would probably beg to differ. My first impressions are probably the same with anyone I meet. Dry, but cordial, and little or no personality. Being initially friendly is not my tea. I am definitely not mean, but I can be a bitch. Complex, much? Yes.

My anxiety stems from depression, but the social aspect of my anxiety comes from past relationships. I was known to be a more trustworthy which is how I suffered these 3rd degree burns. Basically, they made it bad for the good.

Social Networking has broken barriers for many of us who suffer with social anxiety. I am 100% sure that most of my "friends" or "followers" from these networks wouldn't be a friend if we met else where. The good about that is it gives people the chance to know YOU (if you portray the real you over the net) before making a commitment to being a "friend-friend". This way they can easily remove themselves before getting emotionally attached without being personally attached. Makes sense?

I have a comfort zone, but I'm alone when I'm there.

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