Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Complex Advice for Dwight Howard:

Kick rocks.


I wasn't going to touch on this itchy-sitchy, even though it's kind of old news, it still bothers me. I dont have a child or have ever dealt with baby mama/daddy issues so I try not to speak on sh** I haven't been through. For those who haven't heard the story that Dwight Howard plans to sue his baby's mother, Royce Reed, over slander or some sort. He also had a court injunction, or I shall call it a muzzle over her mouth to not even speak his name. I don't know too much detail but hell, that's all I need.

Granted that I do understand that there are always two sides to each story, this sh** is out of hand. As a man, Dwight Howard needs to get his a** off his (gorgeous) shoulders and respect that woman as the mother of his child. Regardless of whatever she may be tweeting to her 200 followers, she gave birth to his son. If he is sooo worried about what someone says about him as a father, he should ask the 98% of the NBA on how they handle those problems. All in all, he is suing her for hundreds of thousands of  dollars, which he knows she does not have. So what Dwight, your payback is to sue her for money she doesnt have so you can get out of paying her child support? B****, please. If you want to ignore her as a woman, you can do so, but not the mother of your son, to whom you should be setting an example for.

I am sure your name gets slandered on and off the court by your opponents or anyone else that has ill-will towards you, Dwight, so why not sue them or put a muzzle over their mouths? I think you're scared. I mean, you still fine as hell, but you scared.

You can try to sue me, but I aint got sh**.

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Doug said...

That's real. As a single father who at times did not have his son, the biggest thing that I did to ensure that no one could say I didn't love my kid and support financially.

Even though I'm a SupaMan fan, dropping a lawsuit on your kid's mom, who clearly has less money than you is weak. If you love your kid, let your actions and wallet do the talking. If you are doing it already, then baby moms looks like a chickenhead, and you have nothing to worry about.