Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Complex Advice for Shaquille O'Neal

I hope your lawyer is ready.


While I'm on a roll discussing the Brazen Beauties of the NBA and trying not to be consumed in the gossip gander, I might as well discuss the smartest of them all...Shaunie O'Neal.

Being the wife of one of the best in the league, Shaquille O'Neal, Shaunie has learned to play her position and ultimately win in the name of whorish love. She's been where many women have gone and I am sure never wanted to go back- unless were money involved. After being outted by SuperHead for having lackluster, sweat wrentching, ratchett sex, I never looked at him the same. Shaunie popped out atleast 5 kids for this man and he has obviously cheated on her throughout the marriage. A year or so ago, Shaq stirred headlines accusing his wife of infidelity and "stealing" his money. Ummm? Stealing? His money? No, b****, y'all are married and whether you'd like to know it or not, that sh** is hers too. Infidelity? Chile, boo. No sir, we have heard about your sexcapades (even though they were all horrible) around the world. Stop this madness.

Let's say Shaunie was cheating on him, he found out and clearly got jealous. He then ran to the press and then to a "lawyer",and submitted a petition to divorce. And what did he think that was going to do? Maybe a lot to him, hoping that Shaunie didn't have proof. Fortunately (at the time), they rekindled the romance and all was heaven. Well, not really. Emails surfaced in November of Shaq and Gilbert Arenas wife, Laura Govan steamy (GAG) relationship. Somewhere stated between "Hi" and "Hoesh**", Lonnie G (as Govan goes by) states that she and Shaunie were good friends. Shaunie had the ball in her court and is taking that ass to divorce court.

The Brothel Madame in my mind is screaming this was a set up. A very good one I may say. Let me explain my theory. Shaunie was sick of Shaq's gawd awful sex, popping out 16 lb babies every other year, and his bull corn. She didn't have her duck(etts) in a row when Shaq was busy spreading "vicious lies" about her stealing and cheating and filed for divorce. She needed a plan. A plan that required patience and tactic. Money grabbing tactics. Who more to ask for assistance than your bestie who is busy popping out babies for her NBA husband as well? Lonnie G. Shaunie and Lonnie G set Shaq up and get proof. Proof was in the emails.

I am simply giving my opinion. If this is true, I will stan for Shaunie even more. She will be my idol and should start a summer camp for all the drab ass whores tryna lock down a great divoce settlement. Elin Nordegrin will be her top pupil! Team Shaunie!!

Before you click the link to read the emails, I am warning you. It's worse than seeing Tiger Woods' " I'm gonna wear you out" text messages...http://blacksportsonline.com/home/index.php/2009/11/shaqs-pimp-focus-is-strong-sleeping-with-gilbert-arenas-fiance-we-got-emails/

All is fair in divorce and basketball. Or so they say.

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