Monday, February 15, 2010

Lemme Fix My Hurrrrrr...

I may have tipped a few tea cups over when I mentioned "hair" in my last post, but probably not more than Toure has pissed off his interracial son by washing his hair every-damn-day. Who does thats sh**? Well, my mom did, but she had that wash-n-go hurr. I am sure he doesn't though. iKid, iKid.

Anywho, when I mention hair when referring to skin tone earlier, it may have come as a shock to some. I appreciate everyone's opinion, even those who don't agree, but I have been classed by my texture of hair. As did many women (and men) mostly in the south. Do we not remember the tale of the "Comb Test"? I have been hit with the ever-so ignant "How you black, but you got white people hair?" Girl, what? What part of the game is that? It's a known fact (in my world) that people will try to class you by the texture of your hair. If you are light bright with straight, soft hair then you must be mixed. If you're dark with soft hair, you must be mixed- Somewhere down the line.

Some also feel that if you have a certain texture of hair, you do not need weave or a perm and vice versa. False. I get perms twice a year, it may not be often as others, but this kinky shit has taken many years to tame. They also think that I don't or shouldn't I have a bad hair day. WTF? I have just as many problems as you. "I would love to have your hair." Trust me, you wouldn't. You can't get your hair done in the summer because you sweat way to much, you can't in the spring because it rains too much and humidity is like cryptonite, fall is windy and you can never "hold" a style, and winter, well that's just one season you may be able to get a roller set and it may last for like a week. Forget having a frizz free night at the local sweat box some call the club. Better tote a scrunchi 'round yo' wrist. Doesn't that sound familiar?

My hair's demise may have been in 1992 when I was digging thru my grandmother's closet and found a "Party Perm". Chile, I had every perm rod in place. (That box of perm had to be like 12 years old) By the time they got those rollers out of my head, Iooked like Fraggle Rock. My momo took her time trying to get that mess to "lie down". It took a good 6 years and many, many Just for Me's. Even at my age, I still need help trying to get this to lay it DOWN. You see me, you see a ponytail, a white girl funky bun, two platts (french braids), and maybe on a good day, a nice roller set or flat iron.

There are awesome hair care lines out there. My fave is KeraCare and the Henna and Placenta conditioners. No matter what texture your hair is, it's beautiful. Tame that sh**!!

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NJ B.A.P. said...

I'm one of the brownskinned girls who's always assumed to be "mixed somewhere down the line." Guess what? That is super annoying! I get sick and tired of people asking what I put in my hair to "get it like that", or just assuming that I have a relaxer because I'm brown with curls. People need to understand that brown/darkskinned doesn't always equal coarse, and lightskinned doesn't always equal curly or wavy. Whatever God has blessed you with, embrace it...cause you could have NONE! ;-)