Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Hope for Hip Hop? A Consumers Opinion

I don’t particularly care to write about hip hop in general, only for the fact that I don’t particularly care for it anymore these days. I did write this order for an independent magazine, and unfortunately the email I was “sent” never reached my inbox. –Blank stare- But it’s all good. *Cues UGKs “Keep on Pushin’”*

I bring on this question to express my own opinion. IMO= my truth. However, I am biased when it comes to this subject. I am known to be a harsh critic for today’s music, some would ask, “Who is she to give her opinion?” My answer to that is I am the consumer who purchases your work, which purchases all your bling, cars, bottle service, weave and lace front wigs. When I dish it out, no one’s excluded. Please don’t ignore me.

I'm from Louisiana, where the raunchiest of the raunchiest music comes from. I grew up on Magnolia Shorty, the Original Cash Money, Mystical, No Limit, and X-MOB. I have been hearing about money, cars, clothes, and hoes my whole life so what’s new? Well, nothing really, just a little bit more boldness coming from more male and female hip hop artists. This is particularly why I don’t listen too much of today’s artists. They are either talking about “raw dawgin’ a hoe”, “hittin’ a hoe”, or “being a 5 star bitch”. Don’t get me wrong, these tunes make for fun times in a club setting on a drunken night, but why would I want to purchase your album when I can barely understand your gibberish in my ride? Great singles but whack albums. I am all for talking major trash and having a great time with ridiculous dances and antics, I also need substance. Give me a little something to make me think and dream BIGGER. When my hangover is gone and I need to listen to knowledge, I have to revert back to Scarface circa 1999 “The Fix”. Now That’s What I Call Music. No woman needs to dream (in reality) for a man with a huge -err wallet, which has the fattest ass or the finest Louis Vuitton bag. The “independent” façade is cute, also not real. You’re really just pointing out how well you can spend your money while in the same breath asking for a man with more than you. Umm, if you can do all this and fry fish at the same time, whatchu need him for? Oh, you want more, which is when you start falling into the ever-so-susceptible “Gold Digger” category. You mad? You shouldn’t be. While the ladies are getting there booty shots and weave glued in, the men are raw dawgin’ their home girls. Why are we letting everyone know (on wax) that we are trying to contract a disease? Since when has that been okay? It is not healthy. All the duffle bag dollars can’t cure that shit. The artists shouldn’t take full blame, the record execs are responsible for half. Now That’s What I Call Not Music.

I admire those with the hustlers ambition, however that doesn't mean I admire their music. Like Nicki Minaj, chick is building her brand. It may not be "hers" persay, but she is making it her own. She has someone that believed in her and they make it work. Her flow is dope, but the rhymes are typical and basic. Recently, she claimed she was Bipolar and thats why her flow was the way it is (that explains a lot), but I can't help but wonder if this was self-diagnosed. -shrugs- It's not just her, it's also the one-hit-wonders with all these different dances. If they knew better, they could definitely make a career out of creating songs with silly Sambo-like dances. (I do them, too) Ask DJ Jubilee, he is the best that ever did it.

By no means am I getting all “Maxine Waters” on yall asses, just simply trying to be a good taxpayer and stimulate the drowning economy. We can call this a “subliminal message”, so name dropping is extremely unnecessary. You may say it doesn’t matter who I am, but it does. I am a prospective fan. My opinions should matter and so should everyone elses. Without the fans, you wouldn’t have anything. While being in the beginning stages of my writing, I am definitely open to criticism. I want the support of others, otherwise what would be the point of me writing? It’s like talking to a brick wall. So, instead of gaining respect from our materialistic possessions, let’s gain respect for having respect for your fans opinions. Let’s not talk about how raw we are when we can’t digest someone’s raw opinion.


Anonymous said...

I agree, hip hop is DEAD!!! It's been that way for many many years. Hip hop is for "shallow minds!"

Dustin L

Sinatra guy said...

Nice piece

DJ Choke Deezy said...

I'm very impressed Lady Complex!! You dropped some jewels for real..But if hip hop ain't dead,it sure could use a sanitary napkin or a maxi pad or somethin'..cause its kinda messy right now..

jacksonbloodline40 said...

not only is hip hop dead it is misguiding many young and impressionable children out there. for one im am in no way shape or form a nicki minaj fan. evrything she stands for disgusts me. now we got lil girls tryna potray a WHITE barbie doll...for the fuk wat?? n lil wayne is the lowest level of scum of a black man. i will touch tht later. but this is a very interesting piece n i agree wit evrything tht was said. we need to stop bein so materialistic and furthermore contributing to these rappers lifestyle. WE are the ones tht fund their cars jewelry and even the hoes they bring home. Ima save the rest for a better blog n i hope tht lady complex will b apart of it! its time to do away wit the fuckery!!