Tuesday, February 9, 2010

True Life: I'm Rocking a Knock-Off

*Gasp* Or should we use the new term "Replica Couture"? In the fashion world, this is considered a "faux-pas". But, for those who do frequent those streets, you do what you can. Is it a huge crime? Don't think so. Some cant manage to purchase the authentic, so they opt for this. While others can and still opt for the knock-offs. Not all the time are they worth the cost. Most of the time, they are a trend for the season, unless you're purchasing a signature staple. However, if quality is what you're looking for and your check book permits then I say go! I am going to give a few pointers to those that choose (or have no choice) how to rock a knock-off:

  1. Prepare for the dirty looks from the b****es that can tell.

  2. Before you purchase that knock-off, please do your research. Make sure the style bag you want actually is made by that brand.

  3. Keep it simple. The more extravagant the bag looks, the easier it is to spot that its a faux.

  4. Inspect the quality (or lack there of) of your knock-off. (LV is brown, not green)

  5. Take those silly paper tags off.

  6. Act like your use to nice things. You don't need to parade that bag in peoples faces.

  7. Don't walk around with whats suppose to be a $1000 bag while donning skinny jeans and a South Pole bubble jacket. Be realistic. No one is ever gonna believe you. That's the days you should leave that bag home.

  8. Lose the tude. Don't make it easy for someone to point out your fake. Because, yes, you can tell.

  9. Fake LV on your arm? Please, by pass the LV store quickly. The sales associates will walk right past you. Better yet, just shop online. =)

  10. Don't try to salvage that bag. The strap or zipper breaks- just let it go. I mean, what did you really expect?

  11. Be discreet about your purchases. Not everyone needs to know where you get these things from.

  12. If and when someone asks you where did you get your bag from, please do us all a favor and say with a lip smack "Uhh, the (Louis Vuitton) Store." but please be mindful on the location of the stores, just in case they ask you which one.

  13. And when you are finally ready to make that purchase of an authentic; please don't think you are their top client. They have clientele that spend what you make in a year in one sitting.
I wrote this post to make it a little more believable when you are sporting your arm pieces. Not to mention a note to not judge people on their material possessions. We all can't be fashion mavens, but you can try.

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