Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Facts About Me

The other night, I decided to compile this list of facts about me. For those who know me personally, these are things you may already know, but for those who follow me on the social networking sites, they may make you -GASP-

Mind you, they are not in any particular order so... Enjoy!
  1. I manage money extremely well.
  2. I am obsessed with my split ends. Don't ever be surprised if you see me picking at them.
  3. I would leave my boyfriend to be girlfriend to Amber Rose and Nelly Furtado.
  4. I consider myself to be shallow when it comes to relationships. I go for the physical attraction first.
  5. But, not that shallow considering my new love is in a wheelchair. =)
  6. I am in love now, more than ever. This goes for everything and everyone who is positive in my life.
  7. I am obsessed with "purging" worthless people and things out of my life. Don't be next.
  8. On Christmas day in 2005, I bust a house window with my bare fist.
  9. Playing in my hair and rubbing my feet are the quickest ways to get my pannies.
  10. My childhood dream was to become a Journalist.
  11. I chose principle over money. Anyday.
  12. I change clothes atleast 3xs before I actually leave my house to go anywhere.
  13. The first time I ever cheated, was to only see what the reaction would be.
  14. I'm not jealous, just over-protective.
  15. When I love, I love hard and I'll cut you if you hurt me.
  16. When I was 13, I placed 3rd in state over-all in gymnastics and 1st in state for uneven bars.
  17. I smell almost everything.
  18. I make up dances to songs in my head, but when I get home to try them out, it doesn't look so great.
  19. I once ran my Jeep into a house and left.
  20. I modeled for Nicole Miller gowns in college. This was actual runway sh**.
  21. I don't have much rhythm. Which is why #14 doesn't work well.
  22. While drunk one night, I pissed and vomitted while on all fours on the curb in a parking lot and not a drop of nothing got on my silk dress or Louboutins. Skills.
  23. Reciprocating is the name of my game. On all ends.
  24. When I commit heauxshit, it's normally with my significant other.
  25. I love when sex becomes an exploration of each others bodies.
  26. I hate walking barefoot, even at home.
  27. I know about each and every one of my physical flaws.
  28. I love bleach baths.
  29. 36C-32-42. That is all.
  30. I shave my mustache off, like every 2 weeks.
  31. I have a mohawk. Amen.

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