Thursday, March 18, 2010

You'll Get More Bee's With Honey

I really wanted title this "You'll Get More Twat With the Truth", but that's just the cunt in me. Anyheaux, if we gave every man who lied to us our cookies, we'd have more miles on us than an '84 Cutlass Supreme.  We (women and some men) have experienced our share of being lied to just for the sole purpose of getting our pannies. My point here is, we probably would be more giving if the men were a little bit more honest.
What is so hard about about speaking honestly to someone, in this case, who is not officially "yours"? Say you are just casual or maybe even dating, but the thought of sex is definitely in the air. You are not obligated to this person, so why lie?  Most of my experience is that men believe that if you don't ask him a specific question or a question at all, if they don't tell you, they are not lying. Peep the scenario:

Me: You have a girlfriend?
He: No.
Me: Are you dating anyone.
He: You.

This would seem to be a straight to the point convo, right? Uh uh. He failed to say that he was trying things out with a past "light switch" ex. Or that he was engaged, or married, or dating someone other than you. But since you didnt ask the specific "Are you married?" or another detailed question, he didn't answer accordingly. "They are only answering the questions you asked." BSTFUH. What part of the game is that? An honest man is a rare commodity, and many women may find your candid truth attractive. And ladies, you really wanna know how he feels? Truth Serum is a biatch.

In my opinion, we would be more willing to have sex with someone who we had trust in, despite a situation. Being lied to is being mislead. If you lied to me about where you ate dinner, who's to say you haven't lied to me about your who you slanging "d" to on a regular? Give me the opportunity to decide if I want to further the relationship after you told me the truth. After all, it is you in the wrong.  

By the way, there is no vice-versa on this subject for men, y'all are willing to beat our back in even when we are lying to you.

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