Friday, March 12, 2010

Twitter + Celebs = Whoring for (any) Publicity

Twitter is the Boulevard of all things whore(ish, ing, ed). So it's no suprise when celebs hand the media the hammer bash their lives. I could careless of what regla folks post on Twitter, but I do have a problem with celebs posting, in this case, break-ups.

So here we have an accomplished singer and her baby-daddy/ failed rapper/one hit (was it even a hit?) wonder. The hoods mainstream media source, MTO (ugh), is reporting a break-up between the two, due to...wait for it...INFIDELITY! I could see if CNN or even MTV was reporting the split, but no. I guess any publicity is good publicity. After the reports hit the net, the singer took to her Twitter to thank her fans for their love and support and shamelessy, but indirectly confirmed the break-up. Now, she isn't the only celebrity to take over twats' timelines to rant about relationships, so stans- GET BACK. Lawd knows, I try to stray away from celeb gossip, so I am going to address this generally, of course, all in IMO.

When you are in the process of a break up, it's a lot harder to discuss candidly because your emotions are in rare form. Why call someone or your current "happenings" out if you don't know where you will stand in the next day or so? Then you may have to retract some statements you made, ie "We worked it all out and we will be together forever!" What part of the game is that? When celebs do things like this, the first thing that runs through my mind is "Ummm, doesnt she/he have someone else to talk to about this? Like, off Twitter?" Regla folk does it too. Y'all know your friend who changes their Facebook relationship status every hour on the hour. Frankly, I am too embarrassed to address publically (my friends) a possible break up, until after. I still need time to decide if I'm gonna get back with the fool or not. This saves my pretty little face more shame.

Now, post-break up bashing, I vote yes. After you have confirmed a definite break up, go for it. Lawd knows I'm guilty on all charges. Sure it's a form a bitter revenge, but it's also fun, too. Just make sure you do it tactfully (if that's possible) and address the person indirectly. If they're smart enough, they'll figure it out anyway.

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Dawn Diva said...

man.. that really freaking hurt my feelings. I'm like you, I wouldnt have said sh*t. everybody is already in her business, this just gave them more to go on