Monday, March 8, 2010

Dating the Married: What You Would've Heard on BTR

Unfortunately, BTR shitted on my life had some technical difficulties with my debut show of Lady Complex Radio and I had to continue on TinyChat, which resulted in another dump on my life more technical difficulties, I ultimately had to take my concept here to I will have my sh** together next Sunday, so you do the same. There was many people I had wished to get on the show, with many different views onthis specific topic. Thanks so much for the support guys.

If you check the stats above, you can see that there was a small percentage that said "yes" they would date someone who was married, and a smaller percentage that said they would depending on where ther marriage stands. Which, technically, is a YES. Believe it or not, there are women and men (yes, men) who exclusively only date the married. It's a harsh reality to the many spouses who live faithfully and committed to God and their spouses, while their significant others sh** on their vows. All in all, it's aldultery and it is a sin. But on who's account? The one who is married? Should the mistress (man or woman) be accountable? Or both?

However, to judge people on how they chose to live is stupid. Judge the sin and not the sinner. The choice of a lifestyle, per-say, is that individuals. Some tend to draw an invisible or erasable line on what is defined as a sin more-so to fit into our personal lives. For instance, calling someone a "homewrecker", while you're in a hotel engaging in premarital sex. It's a sin, too, boo. Granted that it seems like I am siding with the adulterous whores, I'm merely speaking on right and wrong on what's right-er and wrong-er ((c)Brooklyn's Finest).

I will never say that dating someone who is married isn't wrong, however I can't blame someone for being in love. I am not talking about jump-offs or just sleeping around, I am talking about serious relationships and falling in love with those who are married. You may not believe, but there is a difference. I, too, have been involved in said relationship. I didn't prey upon him or have a hidden agenda to try to end what he had at home. From what I know, the home was foreclosed long before me- so there goes my homewrecking status. I went in knowing before it began what I was dealing with and what could've come out of it. I have no regrets, for I have found an awesome man and friend through it all. As for that bad b**** Karma, I aint worried. If my spouse or boyfriend were to cheat, its not my bad Karma coming to ruin my life, it's his lying, whoring, and greedy ass.

I am definitely not ashamed of anything I have done in my life. There is no need to hide the mistakes or the risks I have taken to be in love. I know I'll probably recieve some dirty backlash, and some of you may not like me after this, I still wish you well. Love me or leave me alone. Just leave your comments you woulda left on the show. Be careful who you judge, you may end up in the same position.

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