Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lady Complex Radio Debut

This past Sunday, I finally got my shit together and debuted Lady Complex Radio! I dedicated the segment to all female EVERYTHING! Any business savvy woman who has been driving themselves to accomplish a goal in whatever it is they are doing were welcome to call in and promote their brand. I did this specifically to support women like me who have trouble networking with other women due to fear of competition. I don't compete with anyone, so helping someone even in the same genre as me means nothing and is helping me sow good seeds.

However, Blog Talk Radio had plans to not let me be great, but I overcame. My switchboard had disappeared on my computer screen and it took for what seemed the whole hour segment to reappear. As much as I wanted to give up, I had some great Twitter friends who helped me through!! At one point, I said, "just let me ger one person on the line." And that's all I got! I spoke with Dawn from http://www.divadishtalk.com/ and she was awesome! I tweet with her a lot through the week, but hearing her voice and her speak on why she started blogging was inspirational. Dawn said she started with an internship to a popular gossip blog and was inspired to have her own after DJ AM's mother made the statement, "Find something you love to do and do it for free and then people will start paying you for it." That gave me chills!!

Unfortunately, I had more callers on hold to speak to and couldnt due to the technical difficulties that I will tend to with BTR. I had the ladies send me all their information to post. If you havent connected with any of these women, please do...they are all awesome in my book!!

http://www.divadishtalk.com/, ran by Dawn of Memphis, TN, is a celebrity entertainment blog and has recently featured an interview with Antonia (Toya) Carter of BET's hit reality series "Tiny & Toya". Follow @DivaDishTalk on twitter.

http://www.butilovememore.com/, an inspirational life changing blog written by author,  motivational speaker and Canadian native Nova Browning Rutherford, out of Los Angeles. Features life experiences and motivational stories. @butilovememore

http://www.embraceurlife.blogspot.com/, on www.BlogTalkRadio.com/embraceliferadio, is a weekly radio show (Wednesday's @ 8p) that impacts and empowers peers ages 19-34 hosted by Tiffani Walker out of Chicago, IL.  follow @embraceurlife on twitter.

Her Shoe Fetish, a Tupelo, MS shoe store female owned and operated , check http://www.her-fetish.com/.  follow @mzhershoefetish

Here are a few women I follow on Twitter that I have high hopes for and their brand!

@queenrosa has a cookbook you can purchase on http://www.divadishes.com/ and also get free recipes to seduce the love in your life.
@minxhouston the first Medical Nail Technician, offering the hottest nail couture to date, clientelle consists of Mya, Keri Hilson, Trina and LeToya Luckett.
@empressmag, an internet magazine that caters to the lifestyle of the inner empresses. I also contribute monthly to http://www.empressmag.com/.
@orig_glamazon write under the blog http://www.theglamchronicles.blogspot.com/, a highly intelligent woman who talks about everything from life, love and politics.
@caresslepore is a fashion blogger out of the ATL, that bases her themes on Disney movies and fashion icons. http://www.dafashionist.onsugar.com/
@luxurymoondust, whom I have come to love on twitter, a very candid and witty blogger on http://www.fcktheword.blogspot.com/
@whymelawd an awesome writer who's office stories are hilarious, yet true. http://www.happyaboutthis.com/
@marikai, who serves as VP to the Straight Girls for Amber Rose movement, http://www.black-american-princess-interrupted.blogspot.com/.

If you are not already, please follow these lovely ladies!! There is a little something out there for all of us!!  And despite the issues with BTR on Sunday, I can not wait for the next broadcast!!

You are all officially Ladies of Complex!!!

-If I missed your link, please post it in the comment section or send me an email so you can get a free feature on my next BTR show!!


Aprill said...

I was sitting in class, looked at the clock and missed the big event! I'll make it next time and dont forget to give me a follow

Dawn Diva said...

yea I'm late, but you did great honey... I'm waiting for the next one!! Like I told you on the show, I really appreciate you giving us the opportunity to be heard. when you work to bring blessings to others in return you'll be blessed beyond measure as well.

it was great hearing your voice too, its like we were meeting in person for the first time or something LOL.