Monday, March 1, 2010

Complex Back Track: Security

I think I am going to take my time to dedicate this post to all the women in the world. This topic is soley a part of our daily lives single, married, divorced, separated, lesbian or whatever. Golddigging vs Security.

Well, in my world. I like to brandish my type as looking for security. I have my own job, my own place, car, etc etc. I am 25 and single with no kids. Thats pretty damn good. I clear a sizeable and comfortable income along with a sturdy savings to care for myself and I live within my own means. So what's wrong with looking for a man to help stabilize my life? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Some like to think its Golddigging. That word make my ears hurt everytime I hear it. Especially when its referring to a woman who already had her own. I mean, why would I want a man that can only do what I can do or maybe even less? Sure two incomes or better than one, but these days ego and pride becomes a bigger "breakup" factor than anything now. I am ol' skool and believe that a man is the breadwinner in a relationship/ marriage. Be it he makes thousands more or just a couple hundred. Thats how its suppose to be in my mind. Thats how I was raised.

Now, I do believe that there are Golddiggers out there. WOOOWEE. Yes there is. These women look thirsty. Not just with their fashions, but with their confidence levels. They portray a lifestyle that they do not live. They look for men, only ballers tickle their fancy. They honestly dont care about having any kind of relationship with a man, they just wanna spend money or shit some even only wanna be seen. Most are looking for the athletes and music artists. No more dopedealers. That was so 10 years ago. They go to any and every extreme to attend all events and travel across the states to try and catch the eye of a paid man. Their only concern in life is what they are going to buy with the money they got and who's next in line.

Sure, we beautiful women deserve the man of our dreams. Some of us have them, some of us dont. Some of us feel like we are the women of their dreams. I have had my share of "ballers". Honestly some give, some dont. Some of the one's who give, give generously. The others, well, eh.

Dont get me wrong, I am for the fun and shopping and sharing with the girlfriends and dating and doing whatever the hell you want. But when its time to get serious, no more games. There are men out there, looking for the same exact qualities as you. He wants to share all of himself and his possessions with you. No questions asked. He is looking forward to that. He too wants a woman holding it down on her own and if push comes to shove and he hits rock bottom you can take care until he gets back up. Not someone that when all the money is gone, the clubbing and the being seen stops...will pack up and leave.

And what's so wrong with a man who can just pay his bills and help contribute to the ones you accumulate together? I mean, he's not asking you for anything that you weren't doing before him, right?

Your thoughts, please?


Anonymous said...

Great post! That's exactly how I feel about the issue.

Anonymous said...

once again great job! more women need to read this

Sunshyne said...

I feel you