Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get Bucked Off Your High Horse

If any of you are like me, the sight of someone posting shit like, "Life is so grand!" or "I am so happy" everyday on their facebook, makes you clinch your ass tightly together. Lawd knows they are lying. I read fakes like a book, so they aint fooling me. I took this rant on twitter this a week ago due to an abundance of bull shit postivity postings on every place bullshit can be posted. So if you missed it, here goes. Read Now. Swallow Later.

I don't consider myself to be real. I'm just honest with myself. I don't believe people when they drill how positive they are. Really? Your life is THAT great? Chile, boom. Don't get me wrong, I have a nice life, but to say I am positive 24 hours, 7 days a week...I'd be lying.  I'm only human and if someone judges me on my negative comments/mean girl statements, I can only offer them a first class ticket to Hell. God don't like that. Now that's positive. People who know me love me for who I am and respect me for what I say and do. I don't lie to God, myself or anyone else. What some don't get is that one can be negative but their life is fine, or they can be positive and their life is falling apart. Recognizing what's wrong in your life and talking about it is not negative. It's called self awareness. Most peoples problem with self awareness is realizing that they're just like everyone else. Get over yourselves.

Someone asked me what is it called when you notice what's wrong in someone elses life? I call that observation. Silent observation is best. If you're vocal about your observations on anothers problem(s), it may come out as judgement. Which, I don't condone. While I may try my best not to be negative towards anyone, I've had many whose lives are in complete disaray tell me about mine. However, I knew it was only a matter of time that their life/projects/shit would fall completely apart. And it did. I would NEVER tell me someone what was told to me. My revenge will be sweet though. Not that I wish that on anybody, but ya know. *mean girl jig*

This is the most postive advice I can give anyone: be honest with yourself. It's okay to say you're depressed, oppressed, broke, unhappy, etc. Maybe someone is out there that believes in you and you're straight up lying to them. You are the hardest person to prove yourself to. Once that is complete, everything or everyone else falls at the waist side. Overall life can be great, but you have to acknowledge the bad, too. Don't ignore it. I don't count my blessings by my materialistics, travels, and moneys. Those things only offer freedom. It's your family, friends, and lessons that keep you grounded.

And thanks too @TwOliveSong for reminding me of what my greatest tweet may be..."Ppl get all "philosophical" on twitter when in real life they aint shit. Go somewhere with that shit. Yall hoes too." (That shit was EPIC though, right?)

"Gotta come down that positivity mountain sometimes. And that valley is stankin'. LOL" -@invincewil

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Girl you give me life! Lol! So damn funny but so true. These girls are really sour apple bitter bitches! Smh...