Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Door is Shut

This thing that I call life will not be that revolving door. Evaluating my life and the people lurking aimlessly in it has been the most dreadful experience ever. Cleansing however, but still dreadful. It definitely hurts to direct people to your exit, but it hurts more when people you think care for you try to slide out the fire exit, unnoticed. Not that I would want them to stay, God forbid I beg someone who doesn't want to be kept. Hurts nonetheless.

It's all a party when you're having fun and all the drinks are free. Last call comes along, the tab is closed or someone got too drunk and got real foolish and you want to dodge. Didn't I tell you that's something you don't have to do with me. Principle, honesty, integrity, and humility. Excuse my french, I should link dictionary.com, those are words your unfamiliar with. No one needs to spare my feelings. That's what bitches do. Let's remember our foundation, shall we? Yea, that was you. But what you still don't and never will "get" now is that what you were looking for, was probably here.

What was really your problem? Probably that I was far too intimidating for your kind. You said it, buddy. Sorry that you aren't well equipped to even understand who I am and I what I am about. *throws glitter all over your life*

So while you were sitting on your ass for days in, I was sending you a series of texts, which could've been summed up in a few words like "get the fuck on". Well, now that you got your thoughts and your keys and shit, you can thank me later.

*player wave*
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