Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Target Practice

Lately, for some odd reason, I've been noticing that I have been the target of some person(s) subliminal messages. Unfortunately, shooting indirectly doesn't quite hit the target. They seem to shoot aimlessly all day, using the Internet as their audience who is seemingly unsuspecting of their devious ways. You may call me guilty. I call me smart. When someones comments and statements become far too coincidental, it's no longer a guilt trip on your part. You then see what's being said are similar to what you have confided or certain life choices you are making is hitting them personally ends up as a Facebook or Twitter status, or an email ends up in your inbox, shit gets real. It's cowardice of someone to use you and your problems as the ass of your jokes. Fun times.
Through weeks of guessing and second guessing the approach, I've decided to let the Cowardly Lion's live on their courage juice for the moment. Soon enough that shit will wear off. I try to keep my tact and respect for and from others so I won't stoop to that level. Just know that if you have my personal contact information, you can let me know how you really feel. I shouldn't have to read through comments to know how you feel about me. Since when did it come to this? I thought we were friends, I mean, atleast cool. Not to mention, while you're out their bussin' caps, I'm sitting here, pretty, waiting for you to put that gun that you call a mouth, to my head. I may be waiting a lifetime, huh? I always have respect for what we may have had, so don't expect to hear anything from me, what you told me will still be in confidence although what I've shared with you is free press. And if your feeble little mind wants to think that doing this will help you when some popularity contest with your ring of ball holders, go for it, baby. It's hilarious to when someone chooses to compete with you, when you're not even running the race. So, instead of spitting bullets out the side of your mouth, buy you a gun and find a gun range. Seems as though your whole life is aimless. If you think you'll get anymore entertainment again, you'd do better watching paint dry. I have shit to do.
When you start feeling a certain way about me, trust me I already know. Most likely, that feeling may be mutual. Keep in that tiny little mind of yours that I can never be a joke. I always win.  

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