Tuesday, May 25, 2010


"The prettiest people do the ugliest things...for the right price or the right person, I should say."

However, all money aint good money and everybody is not good for you. (All people with money aint good for you neither.) People will tend to lose themselves living in facade. But, if this is you, that's all you know. No need to prove to anyone about the choices you make. If you don't know, you are the hardest person to prove yourself to. Conquer that. Better yet, find the beauty that's on the inside instead of focusing on the out, speaking for self and others. . Maybe it will be then you can stop portraying a "live it up" lifestyle and free yourself from those fakes that run in those circles. Once you figure out that those people aren't really your friends, but mere persons you have only met, possibly you'll gain a little more clarity. Until that's done, you're just an Oxymoron. Well, maybe just a moron.

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