Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Complex Conversations

A (text) conversation between me and my voice of reason, Honey Tee.

(me on your left and Honey Tee on the right, or so we like to think.;o))

Honey Tee: I saw ur article on Empress Mag! Bravo. Took a lot of courage to write that! #growth

Lady Complex: Thx so much 4 the support. They are giving me a HUGE platform with my writing.

HT: Bravo Ash! That’s awesome. Our lives are testimonies, meant to be shared, for someone else somewhere may be going thru the very same thing. I went to Louisiana this weekend. I turned my phone off for the entire weekend, just had my bible, and journal. Girl, talk about peaceful.

LC: Awwww. I said I was gonna do that for atleast and hour a day. Just me, the lord and my pen and paper. I love sharing stories. It’s all truth which makes it perfect.

HT: Please try it! We get too attached to these devices. God came to Elijah in a whisper. 1 Kings 19! We gotta turn down the volume on life, and sometimes society people to hear our whispers!

LC: Speak! I have to weed some ppl out of my life. Anyhow, I need to be open to receive His wisdom so I can prosper. Cant do it with all that noise n shit.

HT: Amen! Yassssss.

LC: I’m so ready. I feel like Im missing so many connections w/ all those distractions. He will not let me see them with my “shades” on. LOL

HT: Girl u bout to make me throw this phone out the window! No he wont, he told Peter to keep his eyes on him while he walk on water, but Peter looked to the left and to the right, and took his eyes off him. Gotta look straight, the distractions are distracting cause they don’t know the power and the connection u have with him!

LC: *church wave* I’m ready Honey Tee!!

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