Monday, May 17, 2010

Walk Like a Model

Those that know me, know that I live my life in a great pair of heels. My mom told me that's how I came out her womb, but she didn't know where I got that from. I can pretty much do anything in heels. Travel (driving or scatting thru an airport), tip thru the local grocery store, spin on a pole, and even change a tire. Okay, Okay, I lie, but you get it. Truth be told, I own more heels than flats and tennis shoes put together. Not to mention, the tennis that I have were bought years ago and look brand new and I buy a new pair of heels every paycheck. With all that being said, I am often asked the how's and what's about wearing heels for 18 hours or more a day. So, if you are looking for tips, here goes. **This is MY personal process, it may not work for you.** I wont number them, cause there is no particular order. I been doing this too long to even remember an "order". ;o)

You must treat your feet like queens. This means atleast 1 pedicure a month and nightly soaks with feet rubs done by you or some lucky person. Keep some Epsom Salt near and purchase a pair of YogaToes and Palmer's Soothing Leg Lotion this will keep your circulation through the night. Get you some good gel insoles. This will save your feet from hating you while you get ratchet at the local sweat box (club). Don't buckle that strap too tight, you'll wanna cut you feet off by the ankle 30 minutes in. You should always be aware of what shoes you are wearing. Some shoes are meant to be "Bitch, sit your ass right here and be cute" shoes. Please don't think you are Naomi and sashe' like nobody's business. Remember that when you try shoes on, you can NOT tell if they will hurt you later on, and if they do, don't purchase. No matter how nasty they are. Everyone is not made to wear 4 inch heels. You gotta know when to stop. You could lose your life in a gravel parking lot or in a sidewalk crack. If you want to practice a "walk", practice on carpet. When I was ripping the runway in college, we were taught that if you can master a walk in 4 inch heels in carpet, you can walk anywhere. This is a good way to "break-in" your new shoes. And ladies, when your dogs are howling and cursing your every step, please cover that shit up as best as possible. Find your exit. You do know that people can tell when your feet are hurting, right?

Out of all of these tips, my best advice would be to always remember to give your feet rest every chance you get.. My best tip is to wait til you get to your destination to strap those stilettos on. Carry a pair of slipper socks in your clutch or car. This will be your rescue.

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Sha'ahn said...

Good advice! Im 100% with you. I would add that women need to stop walking with their legs wide open. That is so unlady like. Wear flats if you cant walk normal in heels. Put one foot in front of the other and walk heel to. It works...