Friday, May 21, 2010

Selfish: Me, Me, Me

"I think I should start my life from scratch. Rebuild it again, forget the achievements and failure of the past." -@marikai

Truly, I'm making some extreme decisions in my life at this moment. Somethings I'd like to keep to myself, others I can share. What I can and will tell you is this: All decisions that I am making will be carefully thought through and boils down to ME and MY personal happiness. Between twitter, facebook (not really), personal convos and the blog, I think I give enough of myself for others to live on, so don't be upset if you don't get what you think you need out of me. No one else will or should give any opinion, unless asked (raise your hand), regarding my life. I'm taking this personal. You should not.

Hence the reason for me not using a phone right now. I can contact you if I need you, but I probably won't. But, if I should, and you fail to answer, cherish that moment. There will never be another like it. I have to start taking ME seriously as much as I take everyone and their bullshit ass problems. Just because someone is making changes in their personal life that does/ will not include you, or that they would rather not share their every pissing moment with you, does NOT make them crazy. Get over yourselves.

I may hurt feelings, but think of it this way- I'm sure the feeling was mutual somewhere down the line. I've been such a giving and caring person my life, too bad I never tended to myself. Oh well, nows a better time than never.

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Sha'ahn said...

Great post dear! Keep up the good work... you're really blossoming.