Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

As Mother's Day approaches, I am finding myself becoming more bitter as the days go by. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for all of you have your mother's to share this special day with, and I have a few beautiful women that I wish to share this day with, but I do have a right to feel a certain way. It's MY emotions, right? Anyhow, I want to dedicate this post to my beautiful mother and the special women in my life that have helped me through many tough times and more to come. Since most of you know the background with my beautiful mother, I'll share some photos. If you don't know, click The Beautiful Tragedy page and read up! While I have so much to be happy for, there is no one on this earth that I would rather share it with than my mother, but unfortunately, I wouldn't have this experience if she were here. Thank you, mommy.

Don't take for granted her presence. There are people that only have memories. Please be appreciative of your mother everyday. She is the reason you are here.


slh1913 said...

I am so glad you posted that. I have so much to do this weekend and I was very close to complaining about having to spend all Sunday with my mom and I thought about you which is odd because I don't even know you.

Your mom was beautiful and you look just like her. I work in a cancer hospital so I know how brutal, random, and ugly that disease can be. Just know that she's in a better place watching over you.

Sha'ahn said...

You look just like your mom!

Dawn Diva said...

Wow.. you look so much like your mommy! That alone should make you smile whenever you look in the mirror. A friend of mine graduated from law school the other day and when I went to her dinner she informed me that she was holding off on taking the bar because her mom was diagnosed with cancer and given a year to live. It hurt me so bad to hear that, I know that a mothers love is a love that can NEVER be replaced. A few years back another friend of mine lost her mother to cancer. I was just calling her to talk and it just so happened to be right as she passed. Til this day I can hear her voice and that cry that came from her for her mother. I cried for about 15 mins just from hearing the hurt in her voice. I just said all that to say that I somewhat know how much it must hurt to no longer have your mother here with you. Just know that even tho she isnt here physically she is always with you in everything to taught you. She raised a very sweet, intelligent and kind woman (who happens to look just like her LOL). She is mos def watching all that you do and I know shes proud.

*internet hug*