Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Social Bitterfly Experiment: Part One- Sour Apple Bitter Bitches

A month or so back, I introduced myself as the Social Bitterfly. The experiments are all about me being placed in real social settings (outside of the innanets) and how I may react with new people in spite of my deep bitterness. Although this is not the very first experiment, it is the first that I have decided to document for you guys.
On Tuesday, one of my favorite people in the world, Mystikal, was making his comeback performance at the House of Blues in Houston. On an attempt to tip thru the concert solo-dolo, I decided to have a date with a sweet friend of mine. Coincidentally, we ran into my cousin MiRayRay the Don and her friend Chasity and took a seat with them. The show was amazing. And if anyone is questioning if Mystikal still has it...YASSSS. He ain't miss a beat.
But here's the deal. After the show ended, my friend spoke to a friend of hers and had a mini conversation. After my friend began to walk away, I realized that I knew (termed used loosely) (on twitter and she knows He) the chick and preceded to speak to her, which is TOTALLY not me in anyway. The problem was after I said "Hi, (Insert name)", she hit me with a stale face. Still not saying "Hello" back to me, I began to remind her who I was. Then once she realized, she says "Oh, hey. You look so different." and then I was given the "Yea, I know who you are but I was playing dumb because I never emailed you back and I been ignoring you on twitter ever since" fake hug. Yea, trick. I caught that vibe.
See, a couple months ago, while I was trying to get this "branding" thing going, He suggested that maybe this person can give me a few tips. We chatted thru twitter, exchanged emails and that was that. She did get the email as she clearly told me, But never responded. Hell, its no problem. But you could've just answered me with a "I don't know what the hell you talbout." or "I don't have the time right now." Any answer would have been sufficient enough than straight up sending my ass to the innanet voice mail.
While Houston is on some ol' Hollywood shit, they only like you when you're hot and kick you when your down. If being flakey is what it takes to be in the "circle", then this ain't what the fuck I want. I don't sit in circles, I walk single file lines. I wont let this lil' sitchy get in my way of trying to be more social, but it does prove that I am gradually getting better.

Approaching Someone: Check,

Getting Shot Down: Check

Dignity: Check.

Yea, bitch, its still there. Gold Star for me and NATHAN for you, boo.

*Player Wave*


Sha'ahn said...

Wow! What a bitch!

BuildableBeauty said...

Guuurrrl I'm the same way, I swear I wasn't socialized as a child. Which in my adult years makes me struggle and awkward around new ppl.
But as for ole gurl, you showed her you where the bigger person. And with Help or No Help Bish I'm go Shine.
I really haven't experience the Houston social scene,only via, and by the looks I'm not missing much

Thx for Sharing :0)

GlamGoonsLLC said...

I just moved to LA and I effing h.a.t.e it
the people here are completely warped and full of BS.
I decided to try the same thing with me "branding".
its really hard to become more of a social butterfly when people suck.

thanks for letting me know im not alone in my trials.