Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sex, Lies and Basketball Wives

While I may not be caught up on this oil spill business, I can tell you all the happenings on VH1’s Basketball Wives. Recently, Jennifer Williams (my absolute favorite), approached a known harlot, by the name of Saundra or “Plastic Surgery”, regarding her husband’s infidelities. Jen, being the classy and fabulous woman she is, bid that hoe a dry and monotone “Bitch, please” and sent her on her way. I have to master that.

I have a lot of respect for Jen for the fact that she is vocal about her marriage’s pitfalls. Being that so many women are embarrassed to speak on what’s going on in their household. My mom was completely abashed when it came to her and my father’s relationship, even when the entire family knew what was up. I even suffered from this in my past relationships. When my significant other cheated, I was way too embarrassed to even speak on it. Even with my closest friends,  who already knew, I wouldn’t talk about it. But what completely baffles me is that other women laugh at another woman being cheated on? I need to know what IS exactly so funny about a woman being cheated on and why does that make HER dumb? I’ll wait.

As I’ve stated before, I have been on all ends of cheating: the cheater, and the cheatee. I believe most women are mad at the fact that Jen interacted with the slut, but eh, as a woman I totally get it. Sure, it’s my man cheating on me, I should get him and I will get him, but I’m going to get her too. I’ve been approached and have approached plenty regarding to what’s “mine” and I will not say that I won’t do it again. I found it easier for me to deal with the woman first because 99.9% of the time, I wasn’t going to leave him. My fault? Sure. But don’t laugh at me for being in love with a man who loves to slang peen all over town. Clearly some women have not been in these shoes, and trust me, boo: This aint what you want. Or, they could be mad at the fact that Jen is discussing the status with the world. But riddle me this, since when did discussing your own personal business on whichever platform you chose become a position to be ridiculed? We don’t know what goes on inside of every relationship, even though Jen chooses to talk about hers, doesn’t mean that’s it. It’s my choice to say whatever I like about my personal business to whomever I like. You don’t like? Go that way

So, before you go judging or even making women, who get cheated on the ass of your jokes, remember that you too have been a fool (term used loosely). And if you haven’t been, pray that you never will be. Please know that all women who decide to stay with a cheater, doesn’t mean they are a fool.

As Jennifer told me via twitter, “It aint easy.


Dana said...

It's perfectly reasonable to have the steadfast rule be to hold your SO accountable.
The addendum to the rule for me, however, is if you know about me and you brazenly disrespect my situation, I owe you the same ass whooping that my SO is getting.
Who made this dumb ass rule that the 'other woman' gets off scot-free?
Yeah I get it, the SO is the one who made the promises and broke 'em. But if you were bold enough to know abt and assist in the breaking of said promises, you're accountable as well.
Trifling bitches: consider yourself warned.

Oh yeah, BTW #TeamJen

Sha'ahn said...

Chile, I don't know shit bout dis show, but thanks for spinning me up. and i dont get why cheating is humorous either. it seems like the "thing" to do these days. SMDH

Tiffani said...

Being Cheated on has never and will never be easy. I agree, i love when a woman can openly speak on her relationship. rather its negative or positive. In my opinion, if you're confident enough to be open about the truth, you are one hell of a confident woman and you are also saying, "this is his doing, not mines" I respect that