Wednesday, November 17, 2010

With So Much Love, Must Come Hate

Recently, I shared the announcement with many regarding my recent engagement to my long time beau of 5 years. I shared this with family first and then my close friends and of course my following on FaceBook and Twitter. The marriage thing wasn't so shocking to me or anyone who knew the relationship We have, it has been talked about for a long time, I knew it would happen sooner or later, just didn't know it would happen when it did on Saturday. While I am missing that one special person to share this pivotal time in my life with, I chose to share it with others who I thought would have filled a small portion of the void with. To no avail, I felt as though I was shitted on.
These people aren't blood related, just a few people that I have known for a few years and who I felt was there for me during rough times. You would think that they never believed that it would actually happen. I did not have to share anything with anyone. I don't mind sharing any good news with anyone, not even strangers. I don't care if a stranger shits on me, it becomes serious when I call you a personal "friend" that bothers me.
I am hurt, but oh well. This is the time where I require lots of love and blessings from those who believe in not only me, but We as a couple. And thank you to those, I have received enough blessings. Now, I just want to begin enjoying this moment with He before the big planning begins. Trust me, I know these people will want to be there to just "see", however our love is no spectacle and they will not be there to witness. I remember everything.


Anonymous said...

You should scream from the roof tops (re: your engagement)if you so desire. This is YOUR time. I am only commenting because I've been there. In the midst of my happiest time "friends" allowed their own insecurities/issues to overshadow what should have been support. Unfortunately, when I think back (to this time) these memories are right up there with walking down the aisle. All this to say--it will happen because people don't really get it. As a result do what YOU need to to make this the most beautiful experience of your life--because you know what? You deserve it.

Dawn Diva said...

Perfect title!! It's nothing more than hate but hey, you're obviously loved so to hell with them. Congrats again, I'm sure you'll make a fabulous bride.

Lady Complex said...

Thank you Kendra and Dawn. This is the type of love I need at this moment. =)