Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Check My Credits, Heaux.

After taking my normal "Stroll on the Blog Walk" yesterday morning, I posted "Complex Obsession: GianMarco Lorenzi" on here. Then after that, I continued whoring onto twitter to link my post. Just then, an updated tweet with a link to a popular gossip site about the same shoes I posted with similar commentary. Okay, coincidence, maybe. Then, I noticed below that post was a post regarding Shaquille O'neal and ex-wife Shaunie that was stating the same shit I posted months ago. Now a coincidence? Hell Nawl. While, I was flattered to have thought that maybe, just maybe this popular blogger was stanning for Lady Complex on the side line, I also didn't want to feel like someone just straight up raped me for my writing(s). I went on a rant on twitter, just to make sure I wasn't trippin'. However, most did agree that the posts were way to similar, and too close together.

 This type of mess happens in the blogosphere, typically with celebrity gossip bloggers. While I am not against them, I do read some on a daily, it's just not my thing. I have stated numerous times before that I don't "do" gossip, and just because I don't name drop, I do know people and I could kill it if I wanted to.  The "Celebrity" thing? Not me. When I get info, I got it from the horses mouth. I dont speak on here say. And if I chose to speak on something pertaining to "gossip" (ie, Shaq and Shaunie), I will speak on it generally, and trust my info is CORRECT. I'm not looking for a "sponsor" so I dont need celeb gossip to bring me fame. I'm going to work hard for this shit...and not sell ass doing so. But, since I am not a gossip blogger, I didn't think my shit was up for grabs.

It's a known fact that bigger bloggers will take smaller bloggers stories and use it as their own. It's ridiculous because these same "Brand" bloggers were exactly where we (so many dope bloggers I know) are now. Fighting for notarity and accolades. But those who continuously bicker with others about stealing pictures or giving due credit and links, don't do the same for others. They probably go on thinking that since I'm a No Name Brand (generic) Blogger, no one is checkin' for me. Chile, boom. Blogging is hard work, especially when you are a writer-type blogger. No one can just jump into this thinking its so easy. They for one should know this.

I mean, I could've said something directly. I hope this shit doesnt happen again with this particular hussy. Then, yes, I'mma get out my box and get direct with a mofo. Until time shows it's ugly ass (again), I'm going to continue to blog about what matters to me and vouch for my fellow No Name Brand Bloggers.

 FYI: I will cut a heaux about my shit.


smashedthehomie said...

Oh, wow! hmmm...something in the milk ain't clean.

Tiffani said...

"I guess its just the price you pay for leadership. i guess you just what niggas wanna be and shit." ~Hov

Keep doin you!!! U inspire me

chris.alexander said...

You know, once you've been copied, you've MADE IT. Lol. I did a "Dear OJ" letter a while back that I spotted (unmodified) on another blog. INFURIATING. but Flattering.

keep up the good work, this means you're doing something right.

Dawn Diva said...

hey lady... that was a bit strange!! I know how you feel, when MTO stole my 1st breaking story I could've cut a mofo LOL. I couldnt contact them quick enough. Needless to say, I was ignored and hadnt heard anything back. Keep doing you honey cuz it's great and nobody can do you better than you!! :-)

Rosa said...

Tell em again. You might have to expose their wackness. ;)