Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Complex Obsession: GianMarco Lorenzi

If you find yourself obsessing over these, jump on twitter and stalk @RubeisSOrude's whole life on the boardwalk. After the BBM convo you can read below, i jumped on google and found that the shoes are located at Gregory's Shoes. Who would've known? Gregory's is known to be the whoring plateau for all the mistresses in the great state of Texas. How do I know? Let's just say I know my hoeshit, and years ago (in Dallas) before I became a domesticated Lady of Leisure, I used to...well, ya know. And not to mention, Gregory's is a part of the Illuminati. But instead of paying the whopping $2795 pricetag, which would consist of me selling ass via Craigslist, moving to ATL and performing pole tricks at Magic City on Monday's or becoming someone's concubine so I can live my entire life in these joobies. Until then, I'll settle for buying a pump from Aldo and buying all the rhinestones and hot glue in stock at Hobby Lobby.

BBM Conversation:

Lady Complex: Bitch, what! Where? Who?!!
Ruby: Dis-fucking-gusting. I wann live my whole life in those.
Lady Complex: Who are those for? OMG. I need them. Names. Brand, something!
Ruby: Hold on let me check.
Lady Complex: Please!
Ruby: GianMarco Lorenzi, limited edition. But, check the rest of his collection.
Lady Complex: Fuckkkkkkkk
Ruby: =(

Twitter @Replies:

@LadyComplex: @RubeisSORude omg them shoes are like so expensive.
@RubeisSORude: @LadyComplex How much?
@LadyComplex: @RubeisSORude those are 2800.
@LadyComplex: @RubeisSORude id have to live my whole life in them shoes. they more than my rent.
@RubeisSORude: @LadyComplex 3, 4 mths of rent, shit! I'd be living my whole life in them LITERALLY. At Wal-Mart, church, Sonic, the park, EVERYWHERE in 'em
@BaddBoogie: @LadyComplex LAWD !! #jesusbeasugadaddy
@RPinHD: @LadyComplex @rubeissorude Looks like SOMEBODY needs to take a good Stafford loan out.
@smashedthehomie: @LadyComplex UH THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!
@EbonyKeira: @LadyComplex I would get pregnant AND deliver my baby in those shoes.
@RPinHD: @smashedthehomie @RubeisSORude @LadyComplex I'd sell sperm for those shoes, and I don't even do drag.
@LadyComplex: i may blog about these. hmmmm.
@RubeisSORude: @LadyComplex Blog about how I gotta get on the pole to get monnay to get them hoes #realniggasdorealshit


Emerilo said...

That's a good read.

Anonymous said...

Porn? I have seen the blogmaster in a gay gangbang movie the other day, he was high on pills and was taking cock in every hole, that horny gayass cocksucker son of a bitch.

The author of this blog is dumbass motherfucker, he is a faggyass pillpopping maniac.


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Lisa Louise said...

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