Thursday, April 1, 2010

Elle, Oh Elle: Take the Poll

In the wake of acronyms being used in every conversation inside of an inbox, the LOLs, OMGs, and POWs have drowned my ears and now my eyes. Not only have people started using these in verbal conversations, they have found a way to use as "branding" for themselves. And where else did I go to witness these monstrousities?

Since, I am the Social Bitterfly International, I normally get my "social fix" through this uber popular club website, although I can only take viewing in doses. Sometimes I can only take one link a day, frankly it's too much at one damn time. My pupils begin to burn after being tortured by a plethora of American Apparel, Michael Jordans, lacefronts and blue contacts. No shade to the photographers, for they are there to give proof to how cunty and outright wrong some of you are. Depends on what parties you want to bare witness to, you may find a few gems in the bunch. But, that's here nor there. Lately, I've been peeping flicks of men, donning garments reading "OMG..." , and another shirtless man with glasses that have "POW" etched in cursive on each lens.  *Reverts to Shallow, Mean Girl *

Seriously tho?
Am I missing something?
Did someone not CC me on the memo?
 Who makes this okay- for men?
Isn't there sort of informal "Man Law" where men should not use smileys at the end of their texts, tweets, facebook statuses?
Can we add to that "Probihits the use of POW!, Owww, OMG"?
I need answers.

I would never want to question anyone's manhood, I know my place. Some men should definitely question their lifestyle and furthur more, their existance. Just when I thought I had enough with men wearing 12 chains at one time (they neck be itching), this shit here comes along. But, someone else has to see that something is wrong with this. As a female I cant say that your friends didn't try to stop you cause some mofo's are so adamant about looking like a plum fool than trying to heed good advice. I've just learned that some people love to be whack. That's what they live for. Being "different" has come to be what's normal in and what was the norm is somewhat odd. I may not be so fashion forward now, but I damn sure know what is WRONG.  Fuck that, I'll stay normal.

Throw me on the "Hater Bus".  Like I care. Matter of fact, just do us a favor and add yourself to the bottom of my "Don't Give a Fuck" list. Coin me the Queen of Subliminal Messages cause I could've posted pics, but I'm not photoshop savvy. Anyhow, I gave you all the directions to find these coof-a-boofs.  Plus, I'm not to big on throwing THAT much shade. It's bad enough there is a rapper that shuns women based on how "cheap" her shoes are. Questionable, no? I mean, how do you know my shirt came from Forever 21? I only grant those priviledges to the men who play on my team *Snaps*

People play with their life and my emotions to much. Chile, Boom.

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