Monday, August 16, 2010

Lake Charles: A WalMart, Sweaty Black Club & Ratchet Guhls and Boys

Well, it's not really the city as whole, just a few people that make the city a pure fucking mess. It's beginning to be just "home" for me, as in when someone is sick or dead, or my family (my niece and nephew) needs me, then I'll go. And this past weekend made it a little easier to not go at all. See, way back when, I had a great group of friends, my mom was here and there were those few occassions you would hit the hole in the wall club and have a huge class reunion. Now, you're lucky to get a good meal and exit. Mommy's passed, the friends are few and far between, and the hole in the walls are well, holes. Here are the highlights low-lights.

Every year Lake Charles hosts the Tournament of the Stars, a basketball tourney that calls teams all over the US and a few "washed up" players from wherever they come from. Well, let me correct that. There was like one player that I knew that was still playing in the NBA. Anyhow, this is like All-Star for Simpletons. Everyone who is nothing will have something on this particular weekend. The ladies dress in their finest Wet Seal and Michael Antonio's and the fella's get their plaid short sets and stunna shades and roll. Normally, there is a decent afterparty on Saturday night and you can manage to have a good time. This time...nawl.

Since being a promoter is what's in these days, *sarcastic smile*, we have people running around passing out fliers planning these garbage sweat festivals. This year, I don't know who the hell "threw" (yes, threw) the party, but it was held at Chris Ardoin's new club, The Suite. Nice establishment, garbage employees. For starters, there was complete chaos at the door. Not to mention the $30 entry fee, which wouldn't have been a problem if I was going to have a ratchet good time. I don't think anyone would mind paying the fee IF it was a nice party. And why aren't the security guards at their posts? Why didn't they pick that poor boy off the ground as he was getting stomped by 5 or 6 guys? LCPD, why were you not directing traffic to get out of the parking lot? That would've probably saved the dummie who was run over after she and her friends jumped in front (and on the side) of a moving car trying to pull a girl out to fight. Oh, and guess what? That was The Suite's bartenders. How cute. Chris, please get a new team or you are sure to lose that nice place you have. You can't have all of your friends, cousins, neighbors employees running around like houligans. And to the janky promoters, when you have "hosts" to your party, please give them a nice section or something so they can be comfortable. Poor Dollicia Bryant was sitting in folding chairs against the wall without a glass of wine, not even a bottle of water. So many questions, so little answers. Le Petit Sigh.

Oh, and to the guys who spend 15 minutes unbuttoning their shirts all while talking cash shit to another man, just fight. Shit. Y'all do the fucking most. And you wonder why we can't have shit. You go places, drink a couple of shots and think you are Superman after you hear a song telling you to "throw ya sets up". I didn't think Lake Charles had sets, but okay. No one wants to party with you and all that *moves hands in circles* drama. Why take that to a place where people go unwind and get loose? I am very sure you know exactly where that man stays. Lake Charles aint but THIS big. You make it real easy to see that you have never been outside of the 210 loop.

 I love my hometown and the people who make it a great city. Some of you need to evaluate your entire existance. Sad part is, some of you are my family. No need to get offended. That is if it's not you I am talking about.


Toni Jolivette said...

As always...I enjoy every post! Very comical, true and well written! ....Toni Jolivette

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